Walking Downtown LA: Part 1

I love celebrating my birthday, and making it last as long as possible. This past weekend, my boyfriend planned my final birthday surprise. He didn’t tell me where we were going, or what we were doing…all I knew was that I needed to be up early Saturday morning, wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring my camera. He promised me I’d get some great shots for the blog (He was right! Ever since starting my blog, it is what I talk about 75% of the time, and he has been so supportive).

Saturday morning, we drove to the Culver City Metro Station and hopped on the Metro train heading to downtown LA. It was my first time taking the Metro in this city, and it was super quick and easy! We had a quick bite to eat at the Farm of Beverly Hills and raced up to our first stop, Pershing Square. Here, he finally told me what surprise one was: a walking tour of downtown LA’s Broadway Street and all the historic theaters! I love looking at vintage architecture while hearing the history of the buildings, so this was a perfect tour. We got to see several theaters that were once the symbol of opulence and glamour in the 1920’s-1940’s. Most of the theaters are too decrepit on the inside to allow anyone to go in, but the few we went into were magnificent. I highly recommend this tour, put on by the Los Angeles Conservancy. They have others as well, if historic theaters aren’t your cup of tea. Here is a glimpse at the awesome things we saw on this tour.
Downtown LA Broadway Street
Downtown LA Theater
Downtown LA Historic Theater
Check out Last Remaining Seats as a fun activity and chance to see these historic theaters. Once a month, they show a classic film in one of the functioning theaters! Pretty cool!
DTLA Los Angeles Theater
Inside the Los Angeles Theater. How beautiful is this, even to this day!
DTLA Palace Theater
As you can see, the Palace Theater is the site of the original Orpheum Theater. The Orpheum has moved several blocks down. You will also notice that there are many store fronts that now occupy the space where the theater was. Many of these shops are quite shallow, and don’t penetrate too far into the theater.
DTLA State Theater
The State Theater has now been converted to a church.
DTLA Sidewalk
DTLA Orpheum Theater
DTLA Orpheum Theater
The Orpheum Theater also takes part in Last Remaining Seats. It is still fully functional inside, and is absolutely stunning. I hope to attend an event here at some point.
DTLA Building
This was a great tour and awesome way to discover a part of Los Angeles I wouldn’t necessarily know about. It seriously felt like we were in another city!

This was only part 1 of my birthday surprise. Check back tomorrow for part 2!

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  1. Javier on July 14, 2013 at 3:01 pm said:

    Love your photos

  2. That’s really thnkinig out of the box. Thanks!

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