Under the Weather?

I woke up on New Year’s Day with the flu. Happy New Year to me, right? Well, countless chick flicks, cups of tea and naps later, I am slowly starting to feel better. I put together this flu season survival guide with all the things I’ve been using this last week in case any of you happen to catch a bug. Stay healthy everyone!
Home Sick Survival Guide
1. North Face Fleece to stay warm.
2. Nalgene bottle holds 32 oz. of fluids! I use this year round and love it.
3. Kleenex box close to your bed.
4. Cozy leggings to rest in.
5. Halls Cough Drops, especially in the triple action. They work so well.
6. Mug and lots of tea. I’ve been drinking Art of Tea. It’s seriously amazing.
7. A big blanket incase you venture to the couch.
8. Shea fuzzy socks to cover your feet.
9. Slippers to add that last layer of warmth.

To anyone else stuck home with the flu, feel better!


One Thought on “Under the Weather?

  1. DH has stomach flu. I clicked on the Art of Tea link and found a “Tummy Tonic” tea! Excuse me while I go and get some!

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