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Font Friday 2.3

WHEW, what a long, productive week! Happy Friday all. Enjoy this cheery print for today’s Font Friday!

Rise & Shine
I’ve been using Code font a lot lately and I really like its versatility. It is a great serif font that can be used large or medium sized. Let’s see how you use it!

Have a great weekend!

Starbucks: Pink

Despite the fact that Starbucks released their pink sleeves advertising their new partnership with a bakery from San Francisco a few weeks ago, I am a recent big fan. I love the scalloped boarder, the typeface, and the interesting color. I know not everyone is a fan, but it is definitely nice to see a temporary color that draws more attention to it. Being from Seattle, I’m a Starbucks lover, and from a designer standpoint, really like and am enjoying this playful change. [One side note: it does look like Starbucks is advertising breast cancer awareness since this similar shade of pink has come to represent that].
starbucks sleeve
starbucks pink sleeve

Font Friday 2.1

I cannot believe we are in August already! Time is FLYING!! I keep coming across some awesome fonts, so I chose two to share with you all today! Have a great weekend!
Watercolor Map and type
I’ve been loving watercolors and the color gray lately, not for any specific reason. I find this typeface to be inspiring, playful and versatile [as a headline]. Ontwerp can be downloaded here.
[watercolor image from here]
Biko Font
Biko is a great font that comes in three weights [regular, bold + black], and is also great for headlines or body [if you use upper+lowercase]. I love how even the letters all align on the top and bottom. What are your thoughts??

Font Friday 2.0

Today marks the 10th Font Friday, and therefor my 10th week of blogging! It has been a juggling act, trying to fit in working, freelancing, blogging and having a life away from my beloved laptop, but I love it! Hope you all have some fun things planned for this weekend. Enjoy today’s summery font!
Baffled summer font
It has been pretty gloomy here in LA the last few days, but I can’t complain. It’s always nice in LA! This font is called Baffled. I recommend using it in all upper case [as shown], as opposed to upper and lower. As you can see, the upper case has some shorter letters built in that look like lowercase. It is a fun font, great for a display name. [image from Flikr]

Happy Friday!

Font Friday 1.9

A brief round up for Font Friday today. I am working on a “Pin It” button, but in the mean time, feel free to pin any images! Happy Friday!
From Rain to Shine
I love this cursive, calligraphy font, Meddon. However, as a heads up, you will need to adjust the kerning on some of the letters. Enjoy!

Font Friday 1.8

TGIF! I’m quite excited for the weekend and being able to relax.  Enjoy this week’s Font Friday!

The Little Prince
I love this quote from The Little Prince, and the typeface Grand Hotel. I recently discovered this font, and find it to be just darling. I love the loops and the weight of this typeface. It also translates well large or small. Enjoy!
My Mantra
I think this is a great mantra to have about life. I also love a solid serif font, like this one, Intro. There is a full version you can purchase, or download the trial one for free. The full version has different weights and styles, while the trial comes with the inline and regular version.
[image from flickr]


Font Friday 1.7

Hey All! My lack of posting this week is due to me working on some really great ones to come in the future! Quality over quantity, that’s what I say. This week went by crazy fast, I cannot believe 4th of July was already a week ago. Enjoy the two fonts from this week!

FR2S Let's Get Lost
I have been seeing a lot of geometric fonts popping up all over, all looking like they could be placed on an Urban Outfitters t-shirt. This font, High Tide, has been my favorite that I have found so far. It has tons of personality, without compromising readability too much. I wouldn’t recommend this font for smaller sizes, but for a shirt, header, or poster design, I think it is great.
[photo from Flickr]

FR2S Audrey
Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses of all time, as well as one of my role models. I love this quote + photo because I feel like it is such a great summation of her. The font used here is called Nexa. It is available in several weights to download for free, but if you want more, you have to pay a small fee. It is clean, simple, easy to read, yet elegant. I would use this font for both large and small type.
[image from here]

Happy weekend to everyone! I have some awesome events planned this weekend, so make sure you check back for some new blog posts next week!

Font Friday 1.6

Happy [late] Independence Day and Friday! It has been a crazy few days, so I am just now getting to show you my latest font finds. Hope you all had a great 4th, and keep your eye out for my upcoming post on the decorations and designs I created for the festivities.

Freedom Lovelo Font
Lovelo earlier this week and am really liking it. I love the width of the letters, and that it comes with an interesting semi-outlined version in a bold and light.
FR2S Klinic Slab
I enjoy this quote by Leo Tolstoy , and this font from Lost Type Co-op, Klinic. It comes in four different weights, each with italics as well. This typeface works well both large and small, and is quickly becoming a favorite among me and my design friends.
[Photo from Flickr]

Happy weekend!



Happy Fourth of July

Packaging: VisuaLingual

I was recently given an adorable “just because” gift from a dear friend who has a knack for finding little treasures. This Seed Bomb sack, created and designed by VisuaLingual is an interesting concept, and very well done. I love their use of typography, and how each different seed bomb pack looks distinct, yet all part of a cohesive brand. Each cloth sack is eye catching with its vibrant, oversized type and use of space. I also love the subtle details, such as the lines or ornamental shapes. My friend got me the West Coast Wildflower seed bomb, and I can’t wait to plant mine in a pot, or some space outside. Be sure to check out their custom designed seed bombs too, they would be a very unique and beautiful gift.
VisuaLingual Sweet Sentiment   VisuaLingual Exotic Herbs VisualLingual backyard   VisuaLingual Edible Garden VisuaLingual Seed Bombs   VisuaLingual SeedBomb

All photos shown are from VisuaLingual‘s website and store. I take no credit for the photos posted above.