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Font Friday 3.1

Happy first day of November! I’ve been feeling particularly inspired by autumn lately, even though it still looks like summer in Los Angeles. I head up to Seattle in a little over three weeks and I could not be more excited! Enjoy this Winnie the Pooh quote in a great serif font and have a great weekend!
From Rain to Shine Font Friday
Quaver is a great serif font that also has a sans serif counterpart as well. Download from Lost Type Co-Op.
[image from flickr]

Font Friday 3.0

Happy 30th Font Friday! I haven’t done a script font in a while, so in honor of my 30th Font Friday, I picked one that is thin, yet legible. I have also been feeling pretty nostalgic lately, and I thought this quote was a nice reminder to remember your past, but focus on your future.
Happy Friday!
Font Friday
Castro Script is has a great line weight that doesn’t compromise readability. You can download it here. Enjoy!
[image from Flickr]


Last week, while sitting at my desk, I created a fun typography + icon for how I was feeling about it being Monday. I kept that Illustrator file open all week, and every day, added how I was feeling about the corresponding day. The result is below.
Days of the week
How do you feel about the days of the week?

Font Friday 2.9

For this week’s Font Friday, I realize that I have already done this font. BUT, I really like it, and think it is pretty versatile! So, incase you missed it a few months ago, here it is again: Champagne & Limousines.

Champagne & Limousines

Font Friday 2.8

Happiest Friday to you all! It is my favorite day of the week! Enjoy this week’s font, it totally reminds me of a typeface you would find on a vintage post card.

It has a retro feel which I think would also look great on an invitation for cocktails! Southern Aire can be downloaded here. Have a great day and weekend!

[image from flickr]

Font Friday 2.7

Happy Font Friday! After a long week of meetings and lots of work, I am so excited for a weekend to relax and get 0utside. Hope everyone has a great couple of days! I’m heading out of town and cannot wait!
Good Feeling Font
I really like this block font. It is the right combination of thickness and height, perfect for headlines or quotes. Download Gobold here.

Font Friday 2.6

After a few week hiatus, Font Friday is back! (even though it is a little late today). Enjoy today’s font, I love the curly serifs! Have a great weekend!

Font Friday
Download Elsie here.

Font Friday 2.5

It has been a crazy week! I was out of town visiting the Pacific Northwest for Labor Day weekend. Keep an eye out for my trip summary next week. Happy Friday and enjoy today’s font choice.
Font Friday Adec
Adec has three typeface options, as shown above. It looks like a great display typeface, or would work nicely on a poster or banner. Enjoy this typeface, and show me your creations with it!

Font Friday 2.4

Greetings from Oregon! I’m spending Labor Day in the Pacific Northwest, and loving every second of it. Enjoy this beach inspired Font Friday!
Wisdom Script
I love this typeface, Wisdom Script. It seems to be popping up all over the place, especially in hipster (or faux hipster) logos and clothing. I love how it is playful, and the readability is not compromised. Enjoy!

Vintage Road Maps

I’ve been feeling inspired by my upcoming trip, and decided to take a mental break on flickr. Check out these vintage/retro road maps, a lot of which were put out by gas stations. Enjoy!

Road Maps of US
2604492829_0037a707d2_b 4633405444_87267e0dc5_b 5654847467_45a88c5580_b 5655423584_5193ba22b3_b 9375421207_cba13b9fb0_b
[all images from flickr]