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Featuring: Balue/Co.

A few months ago, I got the most adorable card for my birthday. Curious as to who the designer was, I looked up the name and BINGO, came across Balue/Co. I loved the style, and upon learning more about the company and designer, discovered they were based in Seattle. I emailed Lauren, the founder and creative behind this fun brand, to see how our home town influences her work, and what her art background is.
Featuring Balue/Co.

1. What was the inspiration behind starting Balue/Co.? 

Balue/Co. was born out of a need for a creative outlet outside of the corporate design job I had at the time. Balue evolved out of a little blog and Etsy shop I was running at the time, simply called Lauren Wallace Design. Back then I made jewelry, but my background is in graphic design, and I eventually felt that I wanted to take my shop in a more graphics-focused route. I’m continuously inspired by pattern design, and began working within that more and more in my spare time. I launched the collection in 2013, and Balue/Co. was born!
2. If you could describe your company in three words, what would they be?
Focusing on the experience I want people to have when they encounter Balue/Co. cards, I would have to say versatile, thoughtful, and a little playful.
3. Do you have an art background, or were you naturally gifted?
I grew up drawing, and I’ve dabbled in most of the studio arts, but it wasn’t until college when I really became focused on graphic design, which is what I got my degree in. Lately, I’ve been enjoying getting back into a studio environment, working on a variety of little side projects involving hand lettering and illustration. It’s a fun challenge to create art off of the computer, and I enjoy the imperfection of non-digital work.
4. What are some things you do when you have a creative block?
Well, in Seattle it’s definitely going outside for a walk around the lake, or just through the winding quiet roads behind my place. Otherwise, I think just getting away from your project for a while, even just 15 minutes, can be a real help. I watch YouTube videos, clean my apartment, bake something tasty… I’ve definitely found that my best work comes organically when I take my time with a project. If only projects could be like that at work!
Featuring Balue/Co.
5. How much does Seattle influence your work?
Seattle keeps me creatively fueled in many ways, which in turn inspires me to keep trying new things in my work. For example,  I’m finding a lot of pattern inspiration in the plants and flowers that are overflowing from my neighborhood. I also find that a lot of my inspiration comes from local music, travel around the Northwest, and the food culture here in Seattle. 
6. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! This is Seattle, after all.

Color My World 2.3

Color my World

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Seattle Dreaming

Check out this awesome time-lapse video by F-Stop, showcasing Seattle in all its glory. Talk about making me homesick!

Seattle Dream Pt. II from F-Stop Seattle on Vimeo.

They did an excellent job really highlighting the beauty that seems to be overlooked by so many due to the rain. Check out F-Stop’s website + Vimeo channel for more gorgeous Emerald City images + videos!

Super Bowl Champions!

From Rain to Shine Seahawks Super Bowl Champions
Excited doesn’t even cover how I am feeling. I can’t stop watching game highlights and listening to press conferences. It is a big deal for the city of Seattle and I could’t be more proud of the Seahawks! Super Bowl 48 Champs!
[image from here, original source unknown]

Font Friday 4.3

In the spirit of the SUPER BOWL this weekend, I thought I’d do a Font Friday dedicated to my team, the Seahawks. Can’t wait for Sunday, I’m having my Seattle friends over, setting up a mimosa bar, and turning off my phone until the game is over! What are some of your plans? Have a great weekend, and GO HAWKS! Go Seahawks! I'm in!
This is an awesome block sans serif font downloadable here. It has a masculine feel, without being over powering.

[image found here]

Blue Friday

Happy Friday to all, and a very happy BLUE Friday to my Seahawks fans. If you’re in Seattle, you have to check out Trophy Cupcakes–they have special Seahawks Cupcakes just in time for our playoff game tomorrow. Because I can’t be there in person to enjoy one, Jennifer, the creator of this awesome Seattle-based cupcake shop, sent me several photos to share with you all.
Trophy Cupcakes, Go Hawks
Trophy Cupcakes

For those of you who want to order in advance, you have till 5 pm today! Perfect for any playoff party you may be hosting. AND, if you are lucky enough to be going to the game tomorrow, they will have two cupcake carts (one in Section 113 and one at Club Level 240).
12th man Cupcake

Hoping for an awesome game tomorrow, and GO HAWKS.

[Photo credit: Special thanks to Jennifer of Trophy Cupcakes for sending me these photos and making these amazing cupcakes!]

Gobble Gobble

Have a great holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunny Seattle

The second portion of my trip to the Pacific Northwest finished up with 12 hours at home. I was so lucky that it was a sunny beautiful day, so naturally, I wanted to head downtown to the Pike Place Market. Sunny, beautiful days are a treasure in SEA and everyone loves to make the most of them. I love downtown Seattle, and am so excited to be going back there in two weeks!
Sunny Seattle
Seattle Pike Place Market
Seattle Farmers Market
How gorgeous were the clouds this day?
Seattle Public Market
Pike Place Market Flowers
The flowers at Pike Place Market are unrivaled, and some of the prettiest blooms I have ever seen. If I lived in Seattle, I know that I would be getting many of my floral needs from there.
Pike Place Market Flowers
I am so excited to go home in only a few weeks, so stay tuned for even more Seattle posts!