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Festive Packaging Highlights

Festive Holiday Packaging
The holidays provide such a great opportunity for special, unique and seasonal packaging. I thought I’d take a minute to show some of my favorites. It seems that every year, holiday designs and special holiday edition items get better and better designed. Enjoy this year’s round up. Honorable Mention: Trader Joe’s. Um, hello, have you seen what they have been producing lately!? So colorful, eye catching and really well designed. They have also been experimenting with many different typography treatments, and though not all are my favorite, they are very visually interesting.

1: Starbucks. Because who doesn’t wait until Nov. 1 to get those red cups.
2: Mr. Boddington’s Holiday Soaps. They never disappoint with their colorful, illustrated packaging.
3: Method Soaps. Their packaging is awesome 365 days a year, and their holiday-inspired line is really just the sparkler on top.
4: Bath & Body Works. Different holiday scents inspire their candles, room fresheners and their packaging.
5: Winter Jack: Take me to the scene illustrated on the bottle!
6: Theo: Each illustration and color palette is so well done, and looks great as a cohesive group.

Happening Packaging

I seem to keep finding lovely, inspiring and beautiful packaging everywhere. Check out these four products and the awesome packaging they come in.
Packaging and Patterns
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