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Mumford & Sons Concert

As you can probably tell, I am a big Mumford & Sons fan. This past Sunday, I got to see them perform for the second time in their Gentlemen of the Road Summer Stampede tour. They are even better live then they are on their recorded albums. Not only are they musically talented, who ever does their graphic design is has a great eye. Their signage, posters, t-shirts and other branded merchandise is so well done, they really have captured the essence of the “Mumford-y” style (see this previous post). To top it off, the light show that accompanies the music is awesome. I love how they keep it simple, yet engaging. If you ever get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend seeing them live.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road
Gentlemen of the Road FR2S Mumford & Sons
FR2S Mumford & Sons Flags
These banners were all over the venue, all with different designs that were very well done.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Stage
How great are the stage, lights and flags?
FR2S Mumford & Sons Lights
I love that the large screens above broadcast what is going on below, but is done in a more colorful way. I didn’t know where to look! Each song had a different color and light show that accompanied it.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Set List
At the end of their show, I was lucky to get an official set list. How awesome! They ended with one of my favorite songs.

I have been listening to all of their albums nonstop on Spotify since the concert (Spotify is awesome, I love that they have all of their live and studio albums available)!  Here’s to Mumford & Sons and the awesome band that they are!

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Featuring: Junk Art Gypsyz

Yesterday, some friends and I ventured down to Temecula to check out the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. I was pretty excited to see some hot air balloons, but unfortunately upon arrival, we found out that the balloons take off at 6 am. Since we had already driven 2 hours to get there, we figured we might as well stay and enjoy the festival. I’m so glad we did, because I came across this awesome company called Junk Art Gypsyz. They have some crazy awesome custom signs, vintage plaques and jewelry all made in California. Their booth was so colorful and lit up, it was hard to miss. They were the perfect fit for my first “Featuring…” series of posts.
FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz How awesome is the J initial…I might need that for my office! And the patterned California Bear! So cool! FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz Loving the distressed look and chevron whale. FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz That ampersand!
FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz
Check out their Etsy Shop for even more awesome finds! Happy hunting!

Malibu Wines

Who doesn’t love wine? Mix it with friends + a fun location + finger foods and you’ve got yourself a great day! I highly recommend Malibu Wines, but get there early on nice days if you want to secure a cute picnic table and space. You can either go wine tasting, or buy bottles of wine to enjoy.

A very welcome entry!

How cute are the light fixtures. Made from wine bottles and glasses from the winery.

The decor is great! Definitely has a vintage winery feel going on.

Added bonus: you get to take your wine glass home with you.