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Happy New Year

Hi all! This year has brought a ton of changes…all good, but changes none the less. I got married, I moved (still in LA, not to worry!), I started a new job. That’s a lot of BIG things to happen. 2015 has been a wonderful year, and I’m so excited to send out my new years card for the first time as a married woman.


Shutterfly New Year
This year we used Shutterfly to make our FIRST card as a new couple. Shutterfly has SO many options, and we chose to go with a 1 photo option with…GOLD FOIL. I love foil, and adding it to our holiday card creates a festive touch.
I selected envelope liners that matched the colors and playfulness of the card, and love the added surprise the recipient gets upon opening the envelope.
I hopped on over to the post office and found these adorable snowflake stamps that compliment the winter vibes and colors of our card.
Here’s to wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and new year, and to a very healthy and wonderful new year! Be sure to check out Shutterfly for all of their adorable card options, for the holidays, new years and beyond.
[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Shutterfly. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Happy Holidays!]

Traditions + Resolutions

New Year's Tradition
Everyone has a quirky tradition of some sorts, right? My tradition is related to new years day.

Here’s the backstory: It was new year’s day 2012 (my first year in LA), and my roommate and I were unloading her car. We had forgotten about the full champagne bottle that was stowed in her trunk. Now, her trunk was a hatchback, and as you know, bottles roll. Well, we opened the trunk, and out rolled the champagne bottle that proceeded to shatter all over our parking garage.  We both kind of stood there for a minute, staring at the bottle and each other, thinking, “Well, shoot, this isn’t the best start to the new year!” We cleaned up the bottle and went upstairs (and probably back to bed).

Several weeks later, we both realized that really awesome things kept happening to us. Now, I’m not a suspicious person, but we both independently attributed our strokes of good luck to the breaking of the champagne bottle. Ever since then, it has been our tradition to break a bottle on new year’s day for good luck. Although her and I no longer live together, this year we FaceTimed while we watched the other smash the bottle. (We have a whole set up now…bottle goes into plastic bag, which then goes into a brown, paper bag and we smash with a hammer to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves or get glass everywhere).

So there you have it. Third year in a row that we have upheld this tradition, and every year, it reminds us that though things may seem to not be going the way you would like, take it in stride, and good things will come.
Now, on to my new year’s resolutions. This year, I decided to stray away from making specific resolutions (ex: do more yoga, or sketch more.) I have found that my success rate tends to be lower and ultimately leads to me feeling a little down come February when I realize nothing is different. I opted for vague and general resolutions this year.  This means I can practice all said resolutions in more aspects of my life. Take a look below:
New Years Resolutions 2014
All of my resolutions follow a common thread of positivity and optimism: for myself, my well-being and for those around me. None are specific, but instead, can translate to every aspect of my life. We all have ruts and times we are down, but I think by upholding my new year’s resolutions, it will help me focus on the good, and how wonderful life really is.

I hope you all are having a great 2014. Do you have any fun New Year’s Eve/Day traditions, or any resolutions? Share them with me!