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Celebrate Positivity

A few months back, I attended Freutcamp, put on by the lovely Leah of Freutcake. There I met Natalie (of www.njinla.com), who spoke about the importance of a positive attitude, optimisim and surrounding yourself by others who inspire you. Well, she mentioned writing down all the good things that happen to you so if you are ever feeling down, you can pull out that list and remember that you are pretty AWESOME. I took it one step further and decided to create a Little Success Jar. Any proud or positive accomplishment that happens, I am going to write it down and put it in the jar. It’s a great way to practice an attitude of gratitude and keep your spirits up! What better time to start this than the beginning of a new year?
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to decorate my mason jar with wash tape and some twine. You can decorate yours with anything! Markers, paint, paper, whatever speaks to you.
Litte Success Jar DIY
1. Start by choosing large container. I wanted mine to be see through so I could see it fill up over time.
2. Decorate with your choice of materials.
3. When you are finished, find a few scraps of paper.
Success Jar DIY
4. Ta-da! SUPER EASY, quick, and a great way to celebrate the little things in life. Let me know if you make one and how you decorate it!
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to display mine next to my matchbook and wine cork collection. I think it fits in nicely on my side table, don’t you?

Traditions + Resolutions

New Year's Tradition
Everyone has a quirky tradition of some sorts, right? My tradition is related to new years day.

Here’s the backstory: It was new year’s day 2012 (my first year in LA), and my roommate and I were unloading her car. We had forgotten about the full champagne bottle that was stowed in her trunk. Now, her trunk was a hatchback, and as you know, bottles roll. Well, we opened the trunk, and out rolled the champagne bottle that proceeded to shatter all over our parking garage.  We both kind of stood there for a minute, staring at the bottle and each other, thinking, “Well, shoot, this isn’t the best start to the new year!” We cleaned up the bottle and went upstairs (and probably back to bed).

Several weeks later, we both realized that really awesome things kept happening to us. Now, I’m not a suspicious person, but we both independently attributed our strokes of good luck to the breaking of the champagne bottle. Ever since then, it has been our tradition to break a bottle on new year’s day for good luck. Although her and I no longer live together, this year we FaceTimed while we watched the other smash the bottle. (We have a whole set up now…bottle goes into plastic bag, which then goes into a brown, paper bag and we smash with a hammer to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves or get glass everywhere).

So there you have it. Third year in a row that we have upheld this tradition, and every year, it reminds us that though things may seem to not be going the way you would like, take it in stride, and good things will come.
Now, on to my new year’s resolutions. This year, I decided to stray away from making specific resolutions (ex: do more yoga, or sketch more.) I have found that my success rate tends to be lower and ultimately leads to me feeling a little down come February when I realize nothing is different. I opted for vague and general resolutions this year.  This means I can practice all said resolutions in more aspects of my life. Take a look below:
New Years Resolutions 2014
All of my resolutions follow a common thread of positivity and optimism: for myself, my well-being and for those around me. None are specific, but instead, can translate to every aspect of my life. We all have ruts and times we are down, but I think by upholding my new year’s resolutions, it will help me focus on the good, and how wonderful life really is.

I hope you all are having a great 2014. Do you have any fun New Year’s Eve/Day traditions, or any resolutions? Share them with me!

Font Friday 3.9

Happy New Year Font Friday
The holidays are over, and 2014 is right around the corner. I always find myself reflecting on the past year and looking forward to my goals for the new one. What did I do that worked, and what can be improved on (more on that next week!) Enjoy this week’s font Friday, a thin script that mimics handwriting. Bacana can be downloaded from here. Have a great weekend!
[image from flickr]

Gift Tags

Last minute gift tags? Sure! I felt inspired by a pixel design on a bag I was given and decided to translate it to various gift tags for your presents. Take a look, and download below!

Like what you see? DOWNLOAD HERE!

Font Friday 3.7

Whew! Busy busy over here in design land, how about all of you? I can’t believe we are a little over two weeks away from the new year. I’ve been feeling especially feisty lately, and I keep coming back to this as my mantra. Enjoy!
Hustlin' Fox
This week’s Font Friday is Geomancy. It comes in both a thick (shown) and thin. It has a retro feel that works great for posters.
[image from tumblr]

Featuring: The Confetti Bar

Who doesn’t love confetti? How about handmade, unique, and sometimes custom confetti?? I can’t imagine many people who don’t love it, confetti is just so happy. Meet Jessica, the founder, Chief Confetti Thrower, Expert Confetti Mixologist and all around awesome girl behind The Confetti Bar. I wanted to pick her brain and ask some questions about her business and what motivates her.
Winter Wonderland Confetti

1. What inspired you to create this company?
Honestly, I just wanted to do something that I was passionate about and that was me. I always knew I wanted to do something creative, and while I’ve dabbled in this and that, everything just seemed to make sense to turn confetti into my dream job.  I mean, sure, it’s a pretty sweet deal to get to play with pretty paper all day, but at the very core I wanted this business to be about celebration and happiness, and taking a moment to remember that’s what it’s really all about.

2. Where do you find inspiration when creating a new product?
I know it’s a little boring to say everything, but it’s true! I can be looking at a picture online, someone will make a silly comment, or I’ll be in the shower and a new idea will just pop into my head! There’s really no rhyme or reason, but I look to get inspiration from anything and everything.

3. Which confetti is your favorite right now?
Ahh, tough choice! I love all my confetti equally! But, if I had to choose, I think my current favorite is Unicorn Dandruff!
Unicorn Dandruff Confetti

4. Favorite holiday or celebration?
I love each any every chance to celebrate in a different, yet pretty equal, way. I love how each holiday or birthday or party comes with its own set of traditions and themes!

5. What is the craziest confetti cocktail you have created so far?
I think collectively the craziest, most time consuming project I’ve taken on is to create an entire bar car filled with all sorts of confetti cocktails – all the colors and glasses were inspired by real, old fashioned cocktails and they even had real garnishes!
Cookie Sprtiz Confetti

6. Favorite quote?
“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway” – Earl Nightingale

For some reason this quote always seems to stick with me. I can be a pretty impatient person, so I have to constantly remind myself that time will pass no matter what, so I might as well take the time to see something through. I’ve been getting better at taking things one step at a time, and enjoying as much as possible along the way!

7. What helps you stay motivated and manage all that you do?
First and foremost, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the constant help and support of my husband, who not only handles most of the digital stuff for the business, but also tries to keep me sane! In addition to his encouragement – and that of my entire family, of course – I am constantly motivated by the amazing comments and support of everyone who believes in my little confetti-filled world. Knowing I might have made someone’s day by simply sending a little bit of handmade happiness makes me feel like the luckiest girl!

The Confetti Bar has some awesome holiday themed confetti, and is always introducing new items to her shop. I can’t wait to see what she does next! Check out her blog to see some of the custom confetti, and other fun ideas. The next time I throw a party, I know I will add some of this to my decorating list. Check out some of my holiday favorites below.
Hanukkah Confetti
Hanukkah O Hanukkah Confetti
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
Peppermint Swirl Confetti
Peppermint Swirl

[All photos provided by The Confetti Bar]

Font Friday 3.3

It has been a crazy week getting prepped for Thanksgiving and I am so excited for the weekend! I have lots of fun things planned so stop by next week and take a peak! Have a great weekend!
FR2S Font Friday
A different take  on Font Friday today, since this typeface has so many options. Sullivan is a great display type face that has three different choices: Regular, Beveled and Filled. All three are in the alphabet above! How will you use this font?

Featuring: Erin Condren

Erin Condren Feature
I am so excited for my November feature because it is a company I love. I interned for Erin Condren in college, and have been a huge fan of her designs + products for a long time. She specializes in many different types of custom stationery, and is continually expanding to create personalized home and technology accessories. Her designs are fun, positive and super cute. She definitely has a very unique style that radiates happiness.

I wanted to get to know a little bit more about Erin’s design process and how she came up with making such awesome products.

1. What inspired you to start this company?
I really enjoy making people happy. I had been printing cards and stickers to give as gifts, and my friends encouraged me to make more.  I started putting my email on the backs of what I made, and the requests started coming in! I began designing and printing in earnest and soon hired my first full time employee! It took a lot of effort, and time away from my family, but it all seemed worth it to receive a thank you note from one of my customers.

2. Where do you find inspiration and what do you do if you have a creative block?
I find inspiration everywhere! It really helps having the wonderful family that I have, and to live in a beautiful place like Hermosa Beach. Whenever I get stuck, I make sure to breathe and not to try and rush it.  Creativity is just like everything else, you have good days and you have bad days, and trying to push for inspiration won’t get you anywhere.

3. What is your favorite product that you design?
Most definitely the Life Planner.  Not only is it our most popular product, but it keeps me on track as well… I wouldn’t be able to juggle all the things I do without my planner!

4. How do you balance work/life and family?
It’s not easy, but it helps to be an early riser 🙂 I tend to get up at 6:00am and by the time my kids are up I’ve showered, gotten dressed, and checked my email.  We have breakfast together, pack lunches, and then go our separate ways.  I’m in the office by 8:30am and I typically leave at 4:30pm to be with my kids.  If I end up staying late, my husband gets home to help the kids with their homework and have dinner.  I must admit, we eat out most nights… by the time I get done with everything it’s just easier to go out! Though sometimes I feel bad for not making my kids dinner, I find I get to talk to them more than if I were trying to juggle pots and pans.

5. What is your motto for life?
“Let’s get it done so we can have some fun!”
“Nobody plans to fail, sometimes we just fail to plan”
Erin Condren Picks
I have picked out four of my favorite products that I find myself using all the time or ordering for others as gifts.

#1 (iPad Sticker): I have this iPad sticker on my iPad case and I love it. I get so many compliments, and it adds a layer of personalization to my case. It is customizable, so you can choose which two colors you would like. There are so many different designs to choose from, you may want them all.

#2 (Notepads): I am always taking notes and like to have paper on me. These note pads are the perfect size and come in so many different designs and colors.

#3 (Stationery): Hand written letters are something that I value. I love getting a handwritten note from a friend, or sending a thank you note after a birthday. Erin Condren has multiple different styles of both flat and folded cards for almost any occasion. You also get return address labels that match your design. They are so cute, you almost want to save them all!

#4 (Life Planner): Erin’s favorite as well. The life planner was my go to scheduler for everything in college. I LOVED it, it kept me sane and organized. For anyone who is a big planner and likes to write their life down, I highly recommend these planners. There are so many special added details that come with the planner (stickers, pouches, motivational quotes), in addition to it being customized and colorful. There are so many new designs continually being added appealing to so many people. This would be a great gift for a college student!

I love this company, and always find myself on her site for myself and for gifts. With the holidays right around the corner, I know I will be getting gifts for some of my loved ones from here!

Special thanks to Erin Condren and Sam for their assistance with this post!

October in Review

It is blowing my mind that October is over and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving!  While shopping this weekend, some stores were actually playing Christmas music! I’m like a giddy little girl this time of year! October was a great month and I can’t wait to see what November has in store.
FR2S October in Review

Halloween Ride

In honor of Halloween, my themed Spinning® class of the month had to be spooky! I created a Halloween playlist, as well as a storyline for our ride. The 45 minute ride was simulated as though we were riding away from zombies and monsters. The playlist, and the movements all corresponded. I also wanted to try and find songs that are used less frequently (of course, Thriller had to be a part, because what is Halloween without it.) Many horror movie theme songs served as the perfect tune for what we were doing. If you would like to see the class structure, leave your email in the comments and I will gladly send it over.

Halloween Ride