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Santa Monica Sunset

I think sometimes I take living in Los Angeles, close to the beach, for granted. On Sunday night, one of my best friends and I decided to grab a cup of chai tea from Groundworks on Main Street in Santa Monica, and walk down to the beach to enjoy sunset. It was beautiful, and a great way to say goodbye to “summer” (although, I have yet to see any indication of fall). I love sunset, and all the beauty it has to offer.
Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles
Santa Monica Sunset
Palm Tree Santa Monica

Happy Fall

Hello Fall
Yesterday marked the first day of fall, which also is the beginning of the holiday season [and my favorite time of year]. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas/Hanukkah and then, BAM, 2014. Although LA doesn’t have much of a change to the weather or colors, I have great memories of fall in Seattle. I did a little browsing on tumblr/pinterest/flickr for some pretty fall images and the gorgeous colors that come with it.
Fall Leaves
Fall leaves
fall coffee

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Starbucks: Pink

Despite the fact that Starbucks released their pink sleeves advertising their new partnership with a bakery from San Francisco a few weeks ago, I am a recent big fan. I love the scalloped boarder, the typeface, and the interesting color. I know not everyone is a fan, but it is definitely nice to see a temporary color that draws more attention to it. Being from Seattle, I’m a Starbucks lover, and from a designer standpoint, really like and am enjoying this playful change. [One side note: it does look like Starbucks is advertising breast cancer awareness since this similar shade of pink has come to represent that].
starbucks sleeve
starbucks pink sleeve

4th of July Designs

I had a great 4th of July weekend, going to the beach, and celebrating with friends. We decided last minute to throw a little get together after I found some adorable plates and napkins at Target. I designed some little print outs + made some confetti to make our place look festive.
FR2S 4th of July print
FR2S 4th of July print
FR2S 4th of July print
I decided to use more muted red + blue for the printouts so that it would all look cohesive with the bought plates and straws.
FR2S 4th of July Straws
I love these paper straws, and decided to add cute little sayings on each of them.
FR2S Cup and Straw
Last, but not least, I designed a patriotic-themed menu for our guests including drinks and appetizers we had:
FR2S 4th of July Menu
I kept the same aesthetic throughout all the decorations, and all the guests loved it!
Happy Monday!

Font Friday 1.1

Hello all & happy Friday! It’s been a short but crazy week and I’m so excited for all the awesome weekend plans to come. For now, enjoy this week’s font roundup.
Pursuit of Happiness
I love this song by Kid Cudi, and after all, don’t we all want to be happy? League Script can be downloaded for free from The League of Moveable Type, an awesome website with a limited, yet well done selection. This font has been around for quite some time, but I always find myself using this light script font.
Nautico Font
Now that we are post-Memorial Day, white has been popping up everywhere. Welcome back white shoes, white jeans, white dresses, any and all white. I came across Nautik the other day and fell in love. It’s a great serif font with an added touch of personality. Nautik can be downloaded here.
Bebas Font
Bebas is such a great sans serif! It has the perfect height and has a larger width than Impact. Bebas only comes in all caps, but I’m not sure I would use it any other way. I’ve also been listening to Mumford & Sons like crazy, inspiring this quote. You can download the font here.

Running on Inspiration

I often find inspiration at an unlikely time or from an unlikely source. For the past several weeks, I have been passing these spray painted messages on the side walk as I run my usual route to Venice Beach. Nothing better than finding a little inspirational note (or notes!) to keep you motivated.
street art, graffiti, running, motivation
Take time and look around, smell the roses, drink some coffee, or wine.
beauty, running, graffiti, street art
graffiti, street art, running, motivation

graffiti, street art, venice beach, running, motivation
There is so much to be thankful for and sometimes all I need is a reminder to look around and be grateful.
venice beach, street art, graffiti, motivation
venice beach, motivation, running, street art, graffiti
How great would it be if all graffiti was this positive and made you feel good? Have a great Thursday night!