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Illustrated Lettering

How about some awesome, hand done lettering for your Monday morning inspiration. Risa Rodil is a designer + illustrator from Manila and does some pretty sweet work. Check out some of my favorites below and visit her site for even more amazing work.
Hunger Games alphabet
Harry Potter Quote
Harry Potter Quote
Frozen Quote
Frozen Quote
Hand Lettering
Hand done

Chalk Lettering

I have always admired the gorgeous works of chalk lettering done by very talented designers and artists. Here are a few of my favorite below.Chalk Art
Chalk Art
Chalk Art
Chalk Art Quote
Chalk Art
Chalk Art

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Featuring: Meredith Carty

When I came across Meredith Carty‘s photography and design work, I knew she would be great to feature on the blog. Her style is happy, bright and clean with pops of color. I had her answer some questions about her passions, inspiration and background. Enjoy!

Meredith Carty
1. Where did you learn/train in design and photography?
I started taking photography classes back in high school and I had an amazing teacher! I went to college at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in LA. I decided to study graphic design there because it would allow me to take my love of photography even further.
Meredith Carty
2. What made you decide to enter into a creative field?
Art has always been a huge part of my life…for me a daily essential is to create. Also, I always wanted to be a mom and I thought that a job in a creative field would allow me to create a little more flexibility with my schedule. It’s so important to me to be available for my kids.
Meredith Carty | From Rain to Shine
3. Name one of the most creative projects you worked on and were proud of.
One of the most awesome projects that I got to work on was the Seafoam Edition of Project Life with Elise Cripe. I turned all of her sketches and ideas into digital files. Elise was a dream to work with and seeing the project so well received by such a large community was amazing! I walked away from the project with a wonderful new friend and it allowed me to chase some of my own dreams like my pop-up shop!
Meredith Carty | From Rain to Shine
4. How would you describe your style and aesthetic?
 I would describe my style as lifestyle/editorial. I love pops of bright color against white and quirky details. Bright, simple, clean, fresh. You can check out the pinterest board I created for my brand here.
Meredith Carty | From Rain to Shine
5. What motivates you?
Time and experiences with my family and friends motivate me…they are really the most spectacular people. My heart always feels so full after time with them. Travel is high on the list for me this year and if my favorite people are included, even better! My word for 2014 is thrive, so I have big dreams :).
Meredith Carty | From Rain to Shine
7. Where do you find inspiration?
My inspirational sources include some of the usual suspects: Pinterest, design mags, my favorite bloggers, Instagram. To get away from the computer, I’ll take a stroll through Target or Anthropology… and Gap Kids is a favorite! I’m learning that collaborating with other creative friends or a trip out of town is crazy inspiring for me. Santa Barbara with my loves is the best!
Meredith Carty | From Rain to Shine
8. Are you a morning or night person?
 I used to be a morning person…and maybe the perfect vanilla latte could convince me to be again – haha!  I’m going to try not to be such a night owl this year because of the kids and school schedules, but I can’t make any promises. Plus, a hot Sacramento night (poolside and after the sun has gone done) is one of my faves! 
Big thanks to Meredith for her awesome photos. Be sure to check out her Instagram and website!

Font Friday 4.7 / Oscars 2014

The Envelope Please | Oscars 2014
This week, I had the privilege of attending  The 2014 Oscars Winner Envelope preview party hosted by Marc Friedland Couture Communications. In the last few years, the creation of the award envelope has become a work of art, and quite a big deal. Updated in 2011, Marc Friedland has revolutionized the look and feel of the Oscar awards. (Check out this USA Today article here for a more information about the new envelopes/awards.) Attending the event with my good friend Troy of Simply Troy, we got to see a first hand look at the creation of the most famous envelope in preparation for this Sunday’s Oscars!
[This week’s font Friday is dedicated to the award show. Download this font, Born, here]
Oscar Envelope Party
Oscar Envelope Creation
Oscar Envelope Party
Oscar Envelope Party
Three envelopes are made for each nominee in every category. After the winner is announced, all other envelopes are destroyed, other than the one given to the winner. Pretty special!
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Mock-up of what the winning card and envelope look like. The envelope weighs about 1/4 pound and is about 1/8″ thick. It makes quite an impact.
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Preview Party
Delicious desserts, bits and drinks filled the room. (The party was sponsored by Ciroc and Beverly Hills 90H20).
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Envelope Preview Party | Marc Friedland
Me with Marc Friedland, the creative genius behind the Oscar envelope, and many other brilliant stationery designs.

Findings on FFFFound #3

Here are some of my latest favorites on ffffound.com.
180ba5588655f8958b978b60c8351d6e72083008_m inline-identity-03 3de69a0d24b5e7a6627e6c73dd364e2fd8fd8045_m a1c76ea21ce7e524e6a464598d9534500386dddc_m 4e9284659a880bd0f9bec67ac26b84175c09190f_m 10_13B_evernote_news_1_web_full db8b675f670bbf1b5403f5710218926bfb911024_m Findings on FFFFound | Inspiration | Design
Findings on ffffound | Inspiration
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Featuring: A Pair of Pears

Sometimes, I come across a site that immediately inspires me. I want to see and read everything they have to say. That happened when I found A Pair of Pears. The pair of designers behind this awesome blog is a creative couple who shares fun finds, inspiration and their work (which is really good). I picked Jamie’s brain about what makes their blog tick.
A Pair of Pears

1. What made you decide to go into a creative field?
Ever since I was little I have loved art. So I never really questioned what I wanted to do when I grew up. It was kind of a natural progression from coloring in coloring books to designing paper goods for our shop.
Art Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Water color | A Pair of Pears
2. Explain what your blog is about and your inspiration behind it.
We started our blog the day we got engaged 5 year ago. At the time we were in college and far away from both of our families, so its main purpose was to keep our family updated on things we were doing. After we got married and moved to LA, it was still a place for us to keep our family up to date, but we started really loving blogging in general and began sharing more of our work and inspiration. When I really think about it sometimes it’s kind of weird sharing our life with complete strangers. But at the same time a lot of these strangers are now friends. Friends that are encouraging, and supporting. Featuring A Pair of Pears
3. You do hand lettering. What is your process in creating your prints?
All of our prints start because they are something we want to have for ourselves. For instance we created the tandem bike print in our shop because we love tandem bikes. We rode a tandem bike around Mackinac Island on our honeymoon and since then we rent one every time we go on vacation. So we designed the print for ourselves and then put in our shop too.
Once we have the idea I usually start with a good ol’ #2 pencil a paper. I’ll just start by sketching out different lettering styles and layouts. Once I have something I like, I start refining it until I’m happy with it. At this point I take it into Photoshop and really start getting into the details and colors. My favorite part is taking it to the printer and seeing it printed out on paper. It’s really satisfying to see something go from sketch to screen and then to a beautiful finished piece of art. I don’t think that will ever get old.
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
4. What do you do when you are having a creative block?
 I stop whatever I’m doing ASAP! If I don’t stop, I tend to get really upset and frustrated — and that just causes more problems. So I’ve learned the best thing to do is take a walk, watch some TV, (preferably Parks & Recreation or Sherlock) or just take some cuddle time with my pup. Usually when I make myself stop thinking about what I’m working on for a bit I can come back refreshed and try again and usually get somewhere.
A Pair of Pears
5. What is your life motto?
Be intentional.
6. Favorite app on your computer/phone?
Printic! I just discovered it a few weeks ago and only because they emailed me asking if I wanted to try out their app. The branding is so beautiful and I just can’t get enough of the cute little Polaroid prints.
Type + Prints | A Pair of Pears
7. How do you stay organized?
Ha! Well I TRY to stay organized. But let’s be honest: it doesn’t happen all the time. Usually my apartment gets neglected so I can keep A Pair of Pears organized. When I get a project I schedule it out so I know what and when I need to do everything. For that, I usually use Google Calendar. I have different colors that I use for different categories: blog post, personal projects, client work all that goes on there. That seems to do the trick.
A Pair of Pears

Be sure to check out A Pair of Pears, and all of their awesome hand lettering and design. Seriously good stuff!

[Special thanks to Jamie from A Pair of Pears for all of the photos]

Featuring: Shop Sweet Lulu

Last month when I was at Alt. Summit, I had the privilege of meeting the girls of Shop Sweet Lulu. If you haven’t been to their site/don’t know who they are, stop reading, and go check it out NOW! They are an awesome (like, seriously awesome) company with a wonderful online party store and overall positive aura. I chatted with them a bit about the brains and beauty behind this happy and colorful company.
From Rain to Shine Alt. Summit
[Stevie + I at Altitude Design Summit]
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

1. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Shop Sweet Lulu?
 Jessie: I was a crafty, stay-at-home mama that found a creative outlet planning parties for my children.   I loved sourcing unique products, as well as creating handmade elements for the parties.  I was lucky enough to turn that into a business!
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
2. What is a motto/quote Shop Sweet Lulu tries to follow?
Jessie: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

3. What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?
Jessie:  I think Valentine’s Day has recently been bumped to the top of the list!
Stevie: I really love Valentine’s Day because of the colors. I consider my kid’s birthdays holidays too… the day they were born is my most favorite day to celebrate!
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

4. Favorite product(s) available?
Jessie: Everything. I love it all.
Stevie: That is hard, can I say all of it?! I really love the things we are probably most famous for: paper straws, oversized balloons & the glass milk bottles. However, I love our assortment of party crafting supplies & all the goodies we have to package presents & treats up all pretty.

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

5. Finish this sentence: A party is not complete without…..
Stevie: balloons & a pretty cake.
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

6. Where do you see Shop Sweet Lulu in the future? Taking over the world one fab party at a time? etc…
Stevie: We would love to be a household name…..like the Martha Stewart of party pretties. We would also want to publish a DIY party book.
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

A HUGE thank you to Stevie for all of her help with this post.  Shop Sweet Lulu is a great resource for any party, event or holiday gathering that you need awesome decor for. As a special treat, they are offering 20% off until Valentine’s Day! Put in those last minute orders and use promo code PARTYLIKEALULU. Can’t wait to decorate my next party with all they have to offer.

[Photo credit: All photos provided by Shop Sweet Lulu except the first posted image. Thank you Stevie + Shop Sweet Lulu!]


Un Besito

Check out some Valentine’s Day + smooch inspired pins!
Valentines Day Inspiration | Andy Warhol

5a75e7b765bf6c193822742129c5a437  Valentine's Day | Love and Kisses



Valentine's Day Inspiration

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9


Send Love, Valentine's Day Cards
Who doesn’t like to receive a little love in the mail? Check out some other adorable Valentine’s Day cards, perfect for your best friend, significant other or family. Besos!

Cards: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

[Side note: I have a huge love for otters, and #10 is just so stinkin’ cute! I have it hung on my door.]

Design Find

Do you ever come across a design/designer and think “Holy cow, I LOVE their work.” Well, that happened to me last week. I was on Pinterest and came across a really cool state map. I did some digging and found the original source came from this awesome set of designers, These Are Things. Check out their work below, and hop over to their site to see even more.
Washington California State Map
Washington Map
Seattle Neighborhoods
Seattle Neighborhoods
And a close up of LA’s
TAT_LAHood_Close These Are Things
These Are Things Europe
I would love to have this calendar hanging at my desk. Talk about the travel bug!
World Map Calendar

[All photos courtesy of These are Things]