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Font Friday 5.6

Font Friday From Rain to Shine
Happy long weekend! I hope you can get outside and enjoy your time. I’m loving this font, and these retro Venice Beach images. Too cool. See you next week for an AWESOME post I am so excited about!

Font Friday 5.5

In honor of 25 years of digital type design, Adobe has offered a free font, Source Serif Pro. It is a serif font, and since it is designed by Adobe, you know that the kerning is going to be good. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.
Free Font Friday
Adobe Source Serif Pro can be downloaded from here. For more information, check out this article.

Font Friday 5.4

Free Fonts | Quotes
Too often, we all get caught up in the minor stresses of life. It’s important to step back and realize how awesome life really is, and how lucky we are to greet a new day. Have a great weekend, and hopefully you can enjoy some sunshine!

I am LOVING this script typeface, Remachine Script. It is free for personal use, but make sure you read the license if you would like to use for commercial purposes. Remachine Script can be downloaded from here.

Font Friday 5.3

Free Font | Typography | Font Friday
Happy Friday all! I’m looking forward to this busy weekend ahead, and hopefully will get some time to be outside! Surrounding yourself with positive people and good energy is one way to be happy! I love this versatile typeface, 5am Gender. The letters are very tall and narrow, but have a great amount of thickness, making it ideal for many uses! Enjoy!

Font Friday 5.2

Font Friday | #font #typography | free font
Happy Friday! I thought it was time to highlight a fun, hand done font that was legible and interesting. The font, Colors of Autumn, can be downloaded for free here! Have a great weekend, get outside, clear your head and do something fun!

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Font Friday 5.1

Hello Friday! As you all know, I love weekends and getting to spend time outdoors, catching up on work and getting to blog. Enjoy today’s Font Friday, inspired by the upcoming season of Mad Men.
Font Friday | Typography | Free font
I like the simplicity of this sans serif font, Mission Gothic, and the various weights that it comes in. I thought it fit nicely with this Don Draper quote, and would be great for headlines and prints. Enjoy!

Font Friday 5.0

Happy Friday to all. I always have a post-vacation hangover it seems, where I miss being able to explore new things and be in a new city. Having good friends and fun things happening makes it much easier to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy today’s Font Friday, and don’t forget to make the best of what you have, no matter where you are!
FR2S Font Friday | Free Font #font #typography
This font is called Vollkorn, and comes in several weights (always a huge plus for a free font!) Check it out, I love how the italic works so well with the rest of the font.

Font Friday 4.9

This past Wednesday, I was taking part in the weekly #altchat, put on by Alt Summit. If you haven’t heard of either, I highly suggest you check out Alt, and #altchat. We were discussing ways that people grow and develop relationships, especially in the online world. I said this quote below, and my friend Eden made me realize that it is a great life motto to have and follow.
Font Friday Positivity
There is so much negativity out there, why not make someone’s day, put a smile on another’s face or just leave a little love to one of your friends. This font, Sant Joan Despi I thought was perfect to do any or all of those things. Enjoy, and have a happy weekend!

Font Friday 4.8

Free Font | Glamor | Typography |
I am loving this playful serif font, with awesome rounded terminals. BONUS: it comes in so many different weights, to fit many needs. It has a very elegant feel and would be awesome for prints/posters. Download Glamor here. Have a great weekend!
[top image from here]

Font Friday 4.6

Font Friday Inspiration
Happy Friday! This quote is particularly resonating with me today, and is a good reminder to take chances and go after what we want. I think we all are trying to find ourselves, and thinking about what we want is a good way to discover who we want to be. I really like this font, Baron Neue, and all the weights that it comes it. Check it out, and download it from here. Have a great weekend!