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Halloween Ride

In honor of Halloween, my themed Spinning® class of the month had to be spooky! I created a Halloween playlist, as well as a storyline for our ride. The 45 minute ride was simulated as though we were riding away from zombies and monsters. The playlist, and the movements all corresponded. I also wanted to try and find songs that are used less frequently (of course, Thriller had to be a part, because what is Halloween without it.) Many horror movie theme songs served as the perfect tune for what we were doing. If you would like to see the class structure, leave your email in the comments and I will gladly send it over.

Halloween Ride

Rock n’ Roll Ride

Recently, I was getting a lot of requests in my Spinning┬« classes to play some rock n’ roll classics. I compiled a list of suggestions for which songs to include and the playlist below is the result. I created a class that was entirely throwback and it went really well. People of all ages really liked the class!

Rock n Roll Ride

Color Ride

Once a week, I teach a Spinning┬« class as an exercise outlet. I love getting to choose the movement, songs and duration. Plus, it is fun to interact with the class. Last week, I decided to start doing themed rides. I’ve been drawing so much inspiration from color lately, I thought it was fitting to start it off with a Color Ride. All songs had colors in the title, and throughout the song. Check it out below!

Color Ride Playlist