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Cupcakes + Parties

Trophy Cupcakes
Very exciting news for any of you that live in Los Angeles: Trophy Cupcakes is coming to the Beverly Hills Williams-Sonoma this Saturday, April 12 at 1 pm for a book signing and cupcake demo. To top it off, Kelly, from Studio DIY will be there as well, working her crafty magic. If you are in the area, totally come check out this event. Trophy Cupcakes is based in Seattle and happens to be one of my favorite cupcake spots! Nothing better than a taste of my hometown Seattle in southern California! The founder, Jennifer Shea, has written an awesome book devoted to cupcakes + parties, appropriately titled Trophy Cupcakes & Parties. What could be better!? If you can’t make it to the event this weekend, you can order her book online as well! Check out some of the gorgeous photos from the book below.
Trophy Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes
Trophy Cupcakes
Yum! Be sure to check out Kelly’s blog for more information and to RSVP and if you’re in the area this Saturday come check out this tasty event!

[All photos supplied by Trophy Cupcakes from the book Trophy Cupcakes & Parties. Thank you Jennifer!]

Featuring: Shop Sweet Lulu

Last month when I was at Alt. Summit, I had the privilege of meeting the girls of Shop Sweet Lulu. If you haven’t been to their site/don’t know who they are, stop reading, and go check it out NOW! They are an awesome (like, seriously awesome) company with a wonderful online party store and overall positive aura. I chatted with them a bit about the brains and beauty behind this happy and colorful company.
From Rain to Shine Alt. Summit
[Stevie + I at Altitude Design Summit]
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

1. What was the inspiration behind the creation of Shop Sweet Lulu?
 Jessie: I was a crafty, stay-at-home mama that found a creative outlet planning parties for my children.   I loved sourcing unique products, as well as creating handmade elements for the parties.  I was lucky enough to turn that into a business!
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
2. What is a motto/quote Shop Sweet Lulu tries to follow?
Jessie: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

3. What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?
Jessie:  I think Valentine’s Day has recently been bumped to the top of the list!
Stevie: I really love Valentine’s Day because of the colors. I consider my kid’s birthdays holidays too… the day they were born is my most favorite day to celebrate!
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

4. Favorite product(s) available?
Jessie: Everything. I love it all.
Stevie: That is hard, can I say all of it?! I really love the things we are probably most famous for: paper straws, oversized balloons & the glass milk bottles. However, I love our assortment of party crafting supplies & all the goodies we have to package presents & treats up all pretty.

Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

5. Finish this sentence: A party is not complete without…..
Stevie: balloons & a pretty cake.
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

6. Where do you see Shop Sweet Lulu in the future? Taking over the world one fab party at a time? etc…
Stevie: We would love to be a household name…..like the Martha Stewart of party pretties. We would also want to publish a DIY party book.
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature
Shop Sweet Lulu Party Feature

A HUGE thank you to Stevie for all of her help with this post.  Shop Sweet Lulu is a great resource for any party, event or holiday gathering that you need awesome decor for. As a special treat, they are offering 20% off until Valentine’s Day! Put in those last minute orders and use promo code PARTYLIKEALULU. Can’t wait to decorate my next party with all they have to offer.

[Photo credit: All photos provided by Shop Sweet Lulu except the first posted image. Thank you Stevie + Shop Sweet Lulu!]


Blue Friday

Happy Friday to all, and a very happy BLUE Friday to my Seahawks fans. If you’re in Seattle, you have to check out Trophy Cupcakes–they have special Seahawks Cupcakes just in time for our playoff game tomorrow. Because I can’t be there in person to enjoy one, Jennifer, the creator of this awesome Seattle-based cupcake shop, sent me several photos to share with you all.
Trophy Cupcakes, Go Hawks
Trophy Cupcakes

For those of you who want to order in advance, you have till 5 pm today! Perfect for any playoff party you may be hosting. AND, if you are lucky enough to be going to the game tomorrow, they will have two cupcake carts (one in Section 113 and one at Club Level 240).
12th man Cupcake

Hoping for an awesome game tomorrow, and GO HAWKS.

[Photo credit: Special thanks to Jennifer of Trophy Cupcakes for sending me these photos and making these amazing cupcakes!]

Sugar Skulls + Cupcakes

I have a serious love for cupcakes (gluten free, of course), and for Halloween. What better way to combine the two than with Sugar Skull Cupcake Toppers. I am a huge baby when it comes to scary things (think zombies, blood, monsters, bugs…yuck!) and prefer the cutesy, more fun Halloween elements (dressing up, candy, fun decorations.) Thats why I designed these colorful sugar skulls. They are festive, fun, happy and free to download below!

–Thicker Paper
Printable Sugar Skulls (download here!)

They are super easy and quick to make (the skulls, that is. The cupcakes make take you a bit longer). Simply cut the skulls out around the light dotted line and fasten a toothpick to the back. Voila! Cupcake toppers.
Sugar Skulls Halloween
I chose black and white cupcake tins to compliment the pastel orange frosting and colorful shapes of the skulls.
Sugar Skulls Cupcake Topper
Sugar Skulls Cupcake Topper
To get the pastel orange frosting, we added tiny amounts of red and yellow until we found the shade we liked.
Sugar Skulls Cupcakes
Enjoy these cupcake toppers and have a wonderful Halloween!

Special thanks to my roommate for her baking and frosting assistance!

Eat Cupcakes

Cupcakes are probably one of my most favorite things, especially for dessert or a special occasion. They are super cute, colorful and the perfect amount of sweetness. Earlier this week, I needed some cupcakes, and I wanted them to be customized. After calling around to several places, I was referred to this ADORABLE place, Vanilla Bake Shop. The store is bright and happy, and the staff were awesome! To top it off, the cupcakes were delish! (I am gluten free, and unfortunately they only carry gluten free cupcakes on Friday, but I had to sample one.) Let me tell you, they were a big hit.

FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, vanilla bake shop
They have a wide variety of desserts on their menu, including customizable cakes!
FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, Cupcake Vanilla Bakery
Final Product:
FR2S, I love you
Check out their website to see their daily cupcake lists.