Sunny Seattle

The second portion of my trip to the Pacific Northwest finished up with 12 hours at home. I was so lucky that it was a sunny beautiful day, so naturally, I wanted to head downtown to the Pike Place Market. Sunny, beautiful days are a treasure in SEA and everyone loves to make the most of them. I love downtown Seattle, and am so excited to be going back there in two weeks!
Sunny Seattle
Seattle Pike Place Market
Seattle Farmers Market
How gorgeous were the clouds this day?
Seattle Public Market
Pike Place Market Flowers
The flowers at Pike Place Market are unrivaled, and some of the prettiest blooms I have ever seen. If I lived in Seattle, I know that I would be getting many of my floral needs from there.
Pike Place Market Flowers
I am so excited to go home in only a few weeks, so stay tuned for even more Seattle posts!

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