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As I’ve previously posted about, Seaside, Oregon is one of my favorite places. It is a place I have been going to my whole life, so I know it pretty well. While there a few weeks ago, I decided to look at it through a different lens. There are so many quaint little shops and restaurants, some of which that have unique, vintage or interesting logos and typography. I decided to photograph some of the places I’ve seen so many times, and capture the essence of seaside through logos and type. Enjoy!
Seaside Oregon Aquarium
This aquarium sign has literally been around since I was a little girl!
Seaside Oregon Beebops
I love this hand done type at Beebops burgers, a burger place that replicates something straight from the 50s!
Seaside Oregon Tom n Larry Candy
Tom n’ Larry is a Seaside fixture (with delicious fudge!) and I love their simple, yet total beach town vibe logo.
Seaside Oregon Mini Golf
This logo may seem like any sans serif writing, but to me it says SEASIDE. The red type on the bright yellow awning works so well with the interior of this vintage mini golf course.
Seaside Oregon Dundees
Dundee’s typeface is a clear sign that it is a saloon. I love the crisp lines and white text against the deep red building.
Seaside Oregon Phillips Candy
Phillips Candies is another Seaside staple. I love the script type, and the thicks and thins it contains.

2 Thoughts on “Seaside Typography

  1. Sounds like Seaside is going to end up in an issue of Sunset Magazine!…if it hasn’t already!

  2. Great post! I am a huge typography nerd and always feel I am noticing details and designs in signs and logos that others wouldn’t even think twice about. Glad I’m not alone 😉
    Ashleigh xxoo

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