Noteworthy 10/30

Happy Hallo-week! I’m so excited for my costume (I finished it last night) and can’t wait to share. In the meantime, enjoy these links to get you through your Thursday!
• Norway redesigned their currency, and it is A W E S O M E.
• A color palette for your day.
• J.Crew for Paperless Post? Yes please!
• Have you heard of Their tagline, A Search Engine with Taste sounds like my kind of site!

• Still need a quick DIY Halloween Costume? My friend Kelly has a ton to choose from!
• What’s your Halloween horoscope?
• Why are Victorian homes so CREEPY?
Jack-o-lantern pie pops? YUM, Leah has done it again!

Midweek Motivation 1.0

mid week motivation quote
Happy Wednesday before Halloween! Needing some midweek motivation? I’ve teamed up with Elizabeth to bring you inspiring, feel good, or positive quotes to help get through the last few days until the weekend! Enjoy!!
[Calligraphy by Elizabeth Phillips]

Font Friday 6.5 + Noteworthy 10/24

Friday! Since yesterday I posted my fall cocktails post, I thought today I would double up on the usual Font Friday and Noteworthy inspiration. Hope you all have a great weekend!
Font Friday
Recently, I have been watching a bit of Shark Tank, and it is safe to say I am obsessed. When one of my gal pals, Ryan, sent me a list of inspirational Mark Cuban quotes, I knew I needed to make one of them a Font Friday. The typeface, Heuristica, comes in both regular + bold weights, and includes italics for both. Bonus! Enjoy the noteworthy articles below.

• Reading about Oh Joy! and her Target collaboration, part 1, 2 + 3, now that her final collection is out
• This beautiful look book designed by Kate Arends
• Can you design happiness?
• Loving this bright + fun packaging + logo design

• Mark Cuban’s motivational quotes for the worker in all of us
• Struggle with productivity? Check out this productivity quest.
• Change up your morning routine + improve your day
• A workspace for extroverts? Yes please!

Fall Cocktails

Fall Cocktails
Even though it is still 75+ degrees in Los Angeles, fall cocktails always sound good. Today I have three cocktails inspired by fall, and an awesome, no mess way to decorate your pumpkins! A huge thank you to ONEHope Wines + Beth for her help and the recipes! Enjoy! Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails

Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails

Ingredients needed:
• 4 cups apple cider
• 1 (750 ml) ONEHOPE Cabernet
• 1/4 cup honey
• 1 orange zested and juiced
• cinnamon sticks
• cloves
• star anise
• 2 oranges peeled for garnish

1.  Combine the cider, wine, honey, orange juice, zest, 2 cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise in a large sauce pan.
2.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
3.  Pour into mugs and garnish with orange peels and cinnamon sticks.

Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails

Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails

Ingredients needed:
• 1 cups chilled vodka
• 1 pint pumpkin gelato (if you can’t find, vanilla gelato with a dash of pumpkin pie spice is a great substitute)
• 1/2 bottle ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine
• 1 cup ice
• Ground Cinnamon (for garnish)
• Ground honey graham cracker crumbs (for rimmer)

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and frothy
2. Rim chilled martini glasses with graham cracker crumbs
3. Pour mixture into glasses and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon

Check out these PUMPKINS! All I did to decorate was use Jewel Tattoos metallic tattoos and placed on the pumpkins. So easy, so cute and a fun addition to any party table or decor!
Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktail
Fall Cocktails

Fall Cocktails
Fall Cocktails

Ingredients needed:
2 cups pomegranate seeds
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 cinnamon sticks
3/4 cup bourbon/whiskey
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup lime juiceDirections:
1. Heat pomegranate seeds, water, sugar + cinnamon sticks in a medium sized pot over medium heat + bring to boil.
2. Reduce heat + let simmer for 10 minutes

3. Let syrup cool and use strainer to get rid of seed skin
4. Combine whiskey, lemon juice, orange juice, lime juice, ice + shake.

Enjoy, and let me know if you decorate your pumpkins with metallic tattoos!

[All photos by Samantha Zachrich for From Rain to Shine. Calligraphy by Beth Phillips. Special thanks to ONEHope Wine.]


Featuring: Balue/Co.

A few months ago, I got the most adorable card for my birthday. Curious as to who the designer was, I looked up the name and BINGO, came across Balue/Co. I loved the style, and upon learning more about the company and designer, discovered they were based in Seattle. I emailed Lauren, the founder and creative behind this fun brand, to see how our home town influences her work, and what her art background is.
Featuring Balue/Co.

1. What was the inspiration behind starting Balue/Co.? 

Balue/Co. was born out of a need for a creative outlet outside of the corporate design job I had at the time. Balue evolved out of a little blog and Etsy shop I was running at the time, simply called Lauren Wallace Design. Back then I made jewelry, but my background is in graphic design, and I eventually felt that I wanted to take my shop in a more graphics-focused route. I’m continuously inspired by pattern design, and began working within that more and more in my spare time. I launched the collection in 2013, and Balue/Co. was born!
2. If you could describe your company in three words, what would they be?
Focusing on the experience I want people to have when they encounter Balue/Co. cards, I would have to say versatile, thoughtful, and a little playful.
3. Do you have an art background, or were you naturally gifted?
I grew up drawing, and I’ve dabbled in most of the studio arts, but it wasn’t until college when I really became focused on graphic design, which is what I got my degree in. Lately, I’ve been enjoying getting back into a studio environment, working on a variety of little side projects involving hand lettering and illustration. It’s a fun challenge to create art off of the computer, and I enjoy the imperfection of non-digital work.
4. What are some things you do when you have a creative block?
Well, in Seattle it’s definitely going outside for a walk around the lake, or just through the winding quiet roads behind my place. Otherwise, I think just getting away from your project for a while, even just 15 minutes, can be a real help. I watch YouTube videos, clean my apartment, bake something tasty… I’ve definitely found that my best work comes organically when I take my time with a project. If only projects could be like that at work!
Featuring Balue/Co.
5. How much does Seattle influence your work?
Seattle keeps me creatively fueled in many ways, which in turn inspires me to keep trying new things in my work. For example,  I’m finding a lot of pattern inspiration in the plants and flowers that are overflowing from my neighborhood. I also find that a lot of my inspiration comes from local music, travel around the Northwest, and the food culture here in Seattle. 
6. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! This is Seattle, after all.

Color My World 2.8

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Font Friday 6.4

It’s that time again…the WEEKEND! I hope you all have a great Friday and an even better weekend!
los angeles neighborhoods

Loving this art deco inspired font, Le Super Serif, that can be downloaded from here. Not only is the font a beautiful serif, it also comes with numerous ligatures that make this font have a little more personality. Enjoy!

Noteworthy 10/16

Welcome to the new weekly series Noteworthy! Every Thursday I will be sharing inspiring links, design articles or blog posts to help you get through the last two days of the week. Enjoy!

• Gorgeous classic book covers typographically redesigned
• This photographer’s awesome Instagram #catchingcorners
• A color trends infographic gives a peak into this years top colors according to photography
• Inspired by these creative women to make my passion my job

• How do you hold your wine glass?
• Get in the fall spirit with this fun list
• Loving these painted + glittered pumpkins

[photo via instagram]

Color My World 2.7


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Font Friday 6.3

Font Friday

Happy Friday aka weekend eve! I’m so excited for all the events I have this weekend (sneak peak: a fun photo shoot in the works happening Saturday!) and to have a few days to relax a little more. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Axis is a sans serif font that is great for headlines, posters or a small amount of text overlay. The free download only comes in the bold weight, but I love the width of the letters, and it’s legibility. Download Axis from here! Enjoy!