Desert Getaway

Palm Springs color & type

Every once in a while, it’s fun to go somewhere and have a change in scenery. I spent this past weekend in Palm Springs laying by the pool, relaxing, drinking margaritas and exploring the hotels. There is such a different beauty in Palm Springs, from the landscape to the old Hollywood style hotels. I can imagine what it was like back in the day, and almost expected to see Frank Sinatra waltz out of the Riviera hotel. Till next time, Palm Springs!

It’s the Weekend!

its friday, weekend

Happy Weekend everyone! I’m a huge weekend fan, and Friday night happens to be my favorite part. Hope you all have a great evening! I’m off to Palm Springs for a weekend of relaxation and fun!

Running on Inspiration

I often find inspiration at an unlikely time or from an unlikely source. For the past several weeks, I have been passing these spray painted messages on the side walk as I run my usual route to Venice Beach. Nothing better than finding a little inspirational note (or notes!) to keep you motivated.
street art, graffiti, running, motivation
Take time and look around, smell the roses, drink some coffee, or wine.
beauty, running, graffiti, street art
graffiti, street art, running, motivation

graffiti, street art, venice beach, running, motivation
There is so much to be thankful for and sometimes all I need is a reminder to look around and be grateful.
venice beach, street art, graffiti, motivation
venice beach, motivation, running, street art, graffiti
How great would it be if all graffiti was this positive and made you feel good? Have a great Thursday night!

Happy Wednesday!

Maybe it’s the caffeine speaking, but I’m bouncing today. It’s a beautiful sunny day in California although I hear Seattle is slightly overcast. Here’s a little mid-week inspiration! I got creative with the pen.


Malibu Wines

Who doesn’t love wine? Mix it with friends + a fun location + finger foods and you’ve got yourself a great day! I highly recommend Malibu Wines, but get there early on nice days if you want to secure a cute picnic table and space. You can either go wine tasting, or buy bottles of wine to enjoy.

A very welcome entry!

How cute are the light fixtures. Made from wine bottles and glasses from the winery.

The decor is great! Definitely has a vintage winery feel going on.

Added bonus: you get to take your wine glass home with you.