Sweet Butter

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I like it even better on a lazy Sunday. This weekend, I went to brunch at a place I have been to several times, and always leave satisfied. Sweet Butter, located in Sherman Oaks, has a variety of breakfast + brunch foods, along with a market and cafe. Both the inside where you place your order, and the outside patio are so cute, you could spend all morning there sipping coffee and reading a book.

FR2S Sweet Butter
FR2S Sweet Butter coffee
Being from Seattle, I am a big coffee lover. I like it even better when the presentation is as cute as this.
FR2S Sweet Butter
The marketplace has lots of adorable + well designed cookbooks, and is a great place to find a hostess gift.
FR2S Sweet Butter
FR2S Sweet Butter
The outdoor patio has so much light and open space, definitely a secret garden feel to it.
FR2S Sweet Butter
I love the mini chalkboards hung on the walls with sweet sayings, accompanied by patterned kites and potted plants.

I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Sherman Oaks looking for a delicious breakfast spot. TIP: Get there early, this place fills up fast!

Mumford & Sons Concert

As you can probably tell, I am a big Mumford & Sons fan. This past Sunday, I got to see them perform for the second time in their Gentlemen of the Road Summer Stampede tour. They are even better live then they are on their recorded albums. Not only are they musically talented, who ever does their graphic design is has a great eye. Their signage, posters, t-shirts and other branded merchandise is so well done, they really have captured the essence of the “Mumford-y” style (see this previous post). To top it off, the light show that accompanies the music is awesome. I love how they keep it simple, yet engaging. If you ever get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend seeing them live.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road
Gentlemen of the Road FR2S Mumford & Sons
FR2S Mumford & Sons Flags
These banners were all over the venue, all with different designs that were very well done.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Stage
How great are the stage, lights and flags?
FR2S Mumford & Sons Lights
I love that the large screens above broadcast what is going on below, but is done in a more colorful way. I didn’t know where to look! Each song had a different color and light show that accompanied it.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Set List
At the end of their show, I was lucky to get an official set list. How awesome! They ended with one of my favorite songs.

I have been listening to all of their albums nonstop on Spotify since the concert (Spotify is awesome, I love that they have all of their live and studio albums available)!  Here’s to Mumford & Sons and the awesome band that they are!

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Featuring: Junk Art Gypsyz

Yesterday, some friends and I ventured down to Temecula to check out the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. I was pretty excited to see some hot air balloons, but unfortunately upon arrival, we found out that the balloons take off at 6 am. Since we had already driven 2 hours to get there, we figured we might as well stay and enjoy the festival. I’m so glad we did, because I came across this awesome company called Junk Art Gypsyz. They have some crazy awesome custom signs, vintage plaques and jewelry all made in California. Their booth was so colorful and lit up, it was hard to miss. They were the perfect fit for my first “Featuring…” series of posts.
FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz How awesome is the J initial…I might need that for my office! And the patterned California Bear! So cool! FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz Loving the distressed look and chevron whale. FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz That ampersand!
FR2S Junk Art Gypsyz
Check out their Etsy Shop for even more awesome finds! Happy hunting!

Font Friday 1.1

Hello all & happy Friday! It’s been a short but crazy week and I’m so excited for all the awesome weekend plans to come. For now, enjoy this week’s font roundup.
Pursuit of Happiness
I love this song by Kid Cudi, and after all, don’t we all want to be happy? League Script can be downloaded for free from The League of Moveable Type, an awesome website with a limited, yet well done selection. This font has been around for quite some time, but I always find myself using this light script font.
Nautico Font
Now that we are post-Memorial Day, white has been popping up everywhere. Welcome back white shoes, white jeans, white dresses, any and all white. I came across Nautik the other day and fell in love. It’s a great serif font with an added touch of personality. Nautik can be downloaded here.
Bebas Font
Bebas is such a great sans serif! It has the perfect height and has a larger width than Impact. Bebas only comes in all caps, but I’m not sure I would use it any other way. I’ve also been listening to Mumford & Sons like crazy, inspiring this quote. You can download the font here.

Office Dogs

I’m lucky enough to work in an office that is dog friendly, and several people bring their dogs in daily! I love dogs, so seeing these adorable furry friends running around the office totally makes my day.

Office Dog White Lab
This is O, a white lab mix rescue. He’s a big sweetheart, and wants nothing more than to be pet and loved. He also is a big fan of peanut butter, greek yogurt, and attempting to be a lap dog.

Office Dogs Barkely
Barkley is a 5 month old rottweiler and doberman mix puppy. This little guy was rescued from a local LA animal shelter (Lange Foundation) several months ago by two of my coworkers, and has tripled in size in that short time! He’s the puppy of the office, and can be found running around the office playing with the other dogs.

Office Dogs Chester Mango
Meet Chester and Mango, the cutest little chihuahuas you will ever see. I met these two for the first time yesterday and fell in love. Small dogs are my favorite, so you can imagine my delight when I saw these two pups. Plus, I had never seen a long haired chihuahua (Chester), and fell instantly in love. These two can hang with the big dogs, but when they’ve had enough, their adorable squeak-barks can be heard around the office.

Office Dogs Kobe
Last, but certainly not least, is this handsome dog, Kobe. Kobe is an 11 year old lab and is king of the office. You can find him laying around in front of his owners office waiting to be pet, or faithfully guarding the front doors. He was the first office dog I met, and loves a good belly or back scratch. This calm king can be found trying to get your attention by tossing tennis balls to himself or toward your desk in an attempt to get in a game of fetch.

Happy Thursday!


It’s Arrested Development

Like all Arrested Development fans,  I have been waiting since season 3 ended for more. When the banana stand came to LA last week as part of their promotion of the upcoming new episodes, I was there and snapped a photo in front of the Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand [“there’s ALWAYS money in the banana stand!”]. Luckily, this past weekend, the highly anticipated season 4 finally came out on Netflix. Several of my friends and I have been talking non-stop about how excited we were. To celebrate this exciting day, we got together to watch a marathon of the new season. I designed a menu of  “Arrested Development foods” that we came up with based on the hilarity and ridiculousness of the first three seasons. Although the new 15 episodes that were released were quite different than the older Arrested Development we all know and love, it was great to see the whole cast together again, and see the dysfunctionality that is the Bluth family.
Arrested Development Bluth Banana Stand
I was hoping the cast would make a surprise appearance, but seeing the stand was a great enough surprise.
Arrested Development Menu
Recognize these foods?

I was also sent a link to some hilarious Arrested Development fan art, found here. There are some really awesome and well designed pictures and posters.

To all those that watched this weekend, what were your thoughts? Were you a fan of the new season?

Font Friday 1.0

Happy Friday all! I’ve decided to start a new series, Font Friday. It will be several fonts that I have found during the week that I’m currently liking. I’m always on various websites (such as dafont.com or losttype.com) looking to see if any fonts catch my eye. Enjoy this week’s roundup, and happy long weekend!

Currently loving Silverfake, found here. It’s a great serif with an added personality.
Looking for a narrow, rounded sans serif, look no further! Meet Blanch, found here, from Lost Type Co-op. It comes in 6 different variations or weights. Take a look at the rest of their site, they have some great fonts.
Last, but not least, is a fun script font, found here at dafont.com called Lobster. I’m very particular with the script fonts I use and like, and this one caught my eye. I like that it is not too thin, yet has a weight variation.

Come back next Friday for a new trio!



Mumford & Sons Prints


Part of my present to the special birthday boy were three prints that I designed, each with a different Mumford & Sons song lyric. I tried to emulate their style, preppy, yet outdoorsy (“Mumford-y” as I call it, take a look at their website here) to create a cohesive group. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The frames are each 11.75″x15.75″, found at IKEA, with the actual print being 8.5″x11″.

Mumford & Sons Ghosts That We Knew


Mumford & Sons Roll Away Your Stone

Mumford & Sons Dustbowl Dance
I thought the craft paper complimented the gold chevron paper (both from Urbanic, my favorite stationery store) and made the posters really stand out.

Mumford & Sons RollAway Your Stone
The three prints also were done in a color scheme that matches his room.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Prints
To wrap it all up, I wanted to carry through the look and feel of the posters, so I used the same craft + chevron paper as in the backers. I found this adorable bow tutorial from How About Orange blog, found here. Mumford & Sons Bow
The final product…
. FR2S Mumford & Sons Prints
The birthday boy was quite pleased, and we will be putting them up on his wall shortly. Happy Wednesday!



1st Beach Day of Summer

To celebrate a special birthday, we spent the entire day at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. It was perfect! The weather was just right, and we got there early enough to secure a picnic table and BBQ! colorful beachball
Summertime colors are so happy, bright and saturated. I love this photo, the primary colors really stand out against the softer colors of the sand and ocean.
sky bubbles
I picked up a bottle of bubbles. Who knew that a little soap and water could be so much fun!
Target Plates
I came across these awesome plates, napkins and table cloth at Target! They have really stepped up their design on a lot of their packaging and products. They were perfect for a beach BBQ.
The way I see…
Days like today make me so excited for many more of them this summer. Even if California is perpetually warm, being from Seattle I still have “weather-stress,”and feel like I must be outside on a nice day. Happy Sunday!

Eat Cupcakes

Cupcakes are probably one of my most favorite things, especially for dessert or a special occasion. They are super cute, colorful and the perfect amount of sweetness. Earlier this week, I needed some cupcakes, and I wanted them to be customized. After calling around to several places, I was referred to this ADORABLE place, Vanilla Bake Shop. The store is bright and happy, and the staff were awesome! To top it off, the cupcakes were delish! (I am gluten free, and unfortunately they only carry gluten free cupcakes on Friday, but I had to sample one.) Let me tell you, they were a big hit.

FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, vanilla bake shop
They have a wide variety of desserts on their menu, including customizable cakes!
FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, Cupcake Vanilla Bakery
Final Product:
FR2S, I love you
Check out their website to see their daily cupcake lists.