Walking Downtown LA: Part 1

I love celebrating my birthday, and making it last as long as possible. This past weekend, my boyfriend planned my final birthday surprise. He didn’t tell me where we were going, or what we were doing…all I knew was that I needed to be up early Saturday morning, wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring my camera. He promised me I’d get some great shots for the blog (He was right! Ever since starting my blog, it is what I talk about 75% of the time, and he has been so supportive).

Saturday morning, we drove to the Culver City Metro Station and hopped on the Metro train heading to downtown LA. It was my first time taking the Metro in this city, and it was super quick and easy! We had a quick bite to eat at the Farm of Beverly Hills and raced up to our first stop, Pershing Square. Here, he finally told me what surprise one was: a walking tour of downtown LA’s Broadway Street and all the historic theaters! I love looking at vintage architecture while hearing the history of the buildings, so this was a perfect tour. We got to see several theaters that were once the symbol of opulence and glamour in the 1920’s-1940’s. Most of the theaters are too decrepit on the inside to allow anyone to go in, but the few we went into were magnificent. I highly recommend this tour, put on by the Los Angeles Conservancy. They have others as well, if historic theaters aren’t your cup of tea. Here is a glimpse at the awesome things we saw on this tour.
Downtown LA Broadway Street
Downtown LA Theater
Downtown LA Historic Theater
Check out Last Remaining Seats as a fun activity and chance to see these historic theaters. Once a month, they show a classic film in one of the functioning theaters! Pretty cool!
DTLA Los Angeles Theater
Inside the Los Angeles Theater. How beautiful is this, even to this day!
DTLA Palace Theater
As you can see, the Palace Theater is the site of the original Orpheum Theater. The Orpheum has moved several blocks down. You will also notice that there are many store fronts that now occupy the space where the theater was. Many of these shops are quite shallow, and don’t penetrate too far into the theater.
DTLA State Theater
The State Theater has now been converted to a church.
DTLA Sidewalk
DTLA Orpheum Theater
DTLA Orpheum Theater
The Orpheum Theater also takes part in Last Remaining Seats. It is still fully functional inside, and is absolutely stunning. I hope to attend an event here at some point.
DTLA Building
This was a great tour and awesome way to discover a part of Los Angeles I wouldn’t necessarily know about. It seriously felt like we were in another city!

This was only part 1 of my birthday surprise. Check back tomorrow for part 2!

Blogger Meet-Up

Last week, I had the privilege to get coffee with Kristi, the brains behind Kristixoxo. What a sweetheart! She has a great sense of style (and manicures), and it was so great to finally meet and talk about all things blogging, Los Angeles and our interests. Turns out, we like many of the same things! We decided to meet up at Intelligentsia in Venice, as it is one of my favorite spots, and Kristi had never been.

FR2S Intelligentsia

FR2S Kristi xoxo
She was totally rockin’ her white pants (check out her blog, she has such a unique and awesome sense of style!)
FR2S Intelligentsia
Our coffee meet-up was definitely a great way to start summer. Special thanks to Kristi’s boyfriend for some of the photos he took!

Happy Monday!

Font Friday 1.4

Happy Friday all! Today, I present to you three decorative fonts ( I wouldn’t use any of these for a lot of body type, personally). Each are unique and beautiful in their own way. Let me know which one is your favorite.
FR2S Alice in Wonderland
This quirky, yet elegant serif is called Foglihten No. 1. I stumbled across this one randomly and fell in love. It is modern with a heavy vintage/antique influence. It also comes with beautiful swashes and glyphs. You can download Foglihten No. 1 here.
FR2S Toy Story
Café & Brewery has some very interesting character forms. I LOVE the “G,” and wished some of the characters had more swashes like that. This is a great informal sans serif font, with some added personality in the letterforms. You can download Café & Brewery here.
FR2S Friday
The third font for today’s Font Friday is Mensch. I like this typeface because it has several different widths and options. It is playful, soft and versitile. This sans serif font would be great for an invitation to a summer BBQ! Download Mensch from here.

Have a happy Friday!

Featuring: Milk + Thistle

FR2S & Milk + Thistle
A combination of clean, interesting, and colorful design is one of my favorite styles, as long as it is done well. Maja, creator of Milk + Thistle, has effortlessly nailed all three categories. Her designs and prints are unique and eye catching, and would brighten up any space. I got in touch with the fellow Pacific Northwesterner (Milk + Thistle is based in Portland, Oregon), to pick her brain about her inspiration and influence. Maybe some of her answers will help you next time you’re suffering a creative block.

1. Where do you find your inspiration? What do you do when you have a creative mind block?
I find a lot of inspiration here in Portland as well as my time spent in Berlin. I’m drawn to patterns, textures and geometric shapes. My style is emphasizes simplicity, and modern art. 
FR2S Milk + Thistle
2. How does living in the Pacific Northwest influence your work?
I grew up just outside Portland, in the vicinity of the Columbia Gorge. As a child my family would often hike trails along the gorge. The natural symmetry found in nature inspires a lot of my work and is a great place to go if I have a mind block. Recently, on a drive home, the sky was a gorgeous array of blues and pinks so I took a picture and plan on creating some photo manipulation with the colors and shapes. I’ve also accumulated a large stack of catalogs from my favorite brands that I enjoy browsing from time to time.
FR2S Milk + Thistle
3. Did you have any formal design training? If so, where?
I’m studying Graphic Design at Portland State University. I look forward to taking more advanced classes next year and having more learning opportunities. Tutorials online are also very easy to learn from and great to utilize when you’re in a bind.

FR2S Milk + Thistle
4. What helps you stay true to your design style?
To be honest, my style can be all over the place. I am constantly coming up with new ideas and projects but I consider this to be growth for myself as an artist. I do prints mostly but at the same time I have a ton of other projects on the side. I’ve been getting into printmaking and carving my own stamps which has been super fun for me.
FR2S Milk + Thistle
5. What are your favorite quotes?
“Stay hungry, stay foolish”
1. Be honest.
2. Be yourself.
3. Don’t worry what other people think.
FR2S Milk + Thistle
6. What is your favorite animal?
Dogs! I absolutely adore dogs. I have a ton of pictures of other peoples dogs on my phone.
FR2S Milk + Thistle FR2S Milk + Thistle
How awesome are her prints and photos? A big thank you to Maja for taking some great photos of her work station and design process for the blog. Head on over to her Etsy shop (Milk + Thistle) to browse all of her beautiful prints (I seriously have to stop myself from buying it all; I especially love the LA print). She also has an awesome Instagram and Facebook page so you can follow all her new work and updates. Keep your eye on this designer, I wouldn’t be surprised if her prints ended up in stores across the country. Thanks Maja, and good luck!

My Birthday!

FR2S Birthday Girl
Birthdays are a great thing to have (for many obvious reasons), and are a friendly reminder that you are loved by so many around you. It is also a time for me to reflect on the past year, things I did that worked, and things I did that didn’t work so well. What I hope to achieve in my next year of life, and what I already have achieved. Today I turned 24 (despite the fact that I still look like I am in high school), a great age if you ask me. Sometimes I forget that I am ONLY 24, and it’s OK if I’m still not the best at balancing my checkbook, keeping my room tidy or being an efficient trip packer. All of those things will come in time, but I know thanks to the awesome family and friends around me, I have a solid rock foundation (Shout out to all those who made my birthday celebration week so special!). This year, I decided to make a list of things that I want to work on now that I am 24. Some of them are easy and fun, and others are things that I constantly have to remind myself to do.  My favorite is number 10 (see below). So simple, yet one of the hardest things to do.  I call them my “Half Yearly Resolutions” since my birthday also takes place halfway through the calendar year, a good time to reassess my New Years Resolutions. Do any of you have Half Yearly Resolutions you set for yourselves? What keeps you motivated or on track now that we have hit the six month mark?
FR2S Half Yearly Resolutions
Thanks for all the birthday love! xoxo Jess

Sunny Spot

This weekend, as part of my pre-birthday celebration, some girlfriends and I went to an adorable brunch spot in Venice. There are so many cute places to try, but Sunny Spot’s bottomless mimosas and interesting menu caught my eye. The interior design and decorations are so well done, a mix between shabby chic and floral heaven. I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the mood for a delicious brunch, and endless bottomless mimosas. I know I will be there again soon!
FR2S Sunny Spot Brunch
FR2S Sunny Spot Type
I love the painted type on the wall, and the bright turquoise color. It is hard to miss when you pass by it.
FR2S Sunny Spot Menu
They have both indoor and outdoor seating. We lucked out with the weather while sitting outside. It was just perfect.
FR2S Sunny Spot Coffee
FR2S Sunny Spot Indoor Seating
How great is the indoor seating. Those stools are awesome and all mismatched. See below for a closeup.
FR2S Sunny Spot Stools
Really awesome patterns.  Happy Monday!

Font Friday 1.3

With all this June gloom here in LA I forget that it is summer time! However, this weekend is supposed to get nice + be a little warmer. Happy Friday to all, and enjoy these fonts.
FR2S Font Friday Airbag
I recently discovered this font, Airbag. I think it is an awesome font for a headline, or poster, so you can see the detail in the shadow.
FR2S Font Friday Quicksand
I love this song by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and this typeface called Quicksand. It has several different weights, and a dotted line version. It is great for both large and small text, and the variations are an added bonus!

Have a great weekend!

Daily Updates…

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See snippets of my day to day finds of design + inspiration + happiness. Happy following!

Sangria Saturday

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have developed a great love for sangria. I don’t know why it took so long for me to discover this. Fruit, pop (or soda, as many call it) + wine? Genius! This weekend, I had some girlfriends over to sip sangria and celebrate the summertime on my rooftop. I picked up some adorable paper straws, designed little menu cards and used mason jars for cups. I had two variations of sangria, and both were a big hit. I prefer my sangria to just be wine, rather than adding other types of alcohol to it. I find that it is sweeter, and doesn’t give you a headache. Sangria is the perfect compliment to Saturday brunch, or an after work BBQ. Both recipes that I used are posted below. Special thanks to my friend Ryan for some of her awesome pics below!

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Rose Sangria

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday
Cheers to summer!

FR2S Sangria Recipes
The Summer Sangria recipe was adapted from here, DC Girl in Pearls simple sangria. Check out her blog, super cute!!


Font Friday 1.2

Finally Friday! I can’t believe it’s June! This year is flying by. June gloom is upon us here in LA, but I’ve heard that Seattle has been having clear, beautiful days. Enjoy this week’s font round up!
FR2S Smell the Roses
I’m a sucker for a good serif, especially one with alternative characters. Valentina is a playful typeface that looks great as a headline, or as body text.  You can download this typeface here.
FR2S Great Gatsby
How awesome is this art deco typeface?! Definitely gives off a Great Gatsby feel. Télefono has several great glyphs that complete this font. You can download Télefono here. Freetypography.com is a great resource for a wide range of awesome fonts.
FR2S Strike a Match
Lastly, I will leave you with a song lyric from T.I. and one of my current favorite fonts, Langdon. Similar to Bebas, Langdon has an added dimension with the option for a drop shadow version. I find it to be great for posters/prints or headlines. Langdon can be downloaded here.

Have a great weekend!