Pasadena Flea Market

On the second Sunday of every month, the Rose Bowl becomes the biggest treasure hunt/yard sale/antique shop I have ever seen. There is everything from furniture, to denim cut offs + you can find some really interesting items. The more serious shoppers get there around 6 am to score the best items. I got there around 11, just to browse. A tip if you attend next month: it gets HOT HOT HOT. Bring water, sunscreen and dress appropriately.
FR2S Rose Bowl Flea Market
FR2S Rose Bowl
A lot of vendors have miscellaneous items spread out for you to search through, as seen above. However, I found two different booths that had more of a concentration, and were laid out so well.
FR2S Colored Glass
FR2S Blue Mason Jars
FR2S Colored Bottles
The couple who was selling all of this colored glass, did so in a way you couldn’t help but walk over to. The glass was organized and neat, and it was pretty cool to see the vintage colored bottles. Next time I need a vase, I know where I’m going!
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
I think this was possibly the most interesting table I saw on Sunday. This man had acquired trinkets, all with a steampunk vibe, and organized them in a way for you to search through. I loved his wooden stamps and buckets of loose letters. I am definitely brainstorming some craft ideas.

Happy Wednesday!

Font Friday 1.7

Hey All! My lack of posting this week is due to me working on some really great ones to come in the future! Quality over quantity, that’s what I say. This week went by crazy fast, I cannot believe 4th of July was already a week ago. Enjoy the two fonts from this week!

FR2S Let's Get Lost
I have been seeing a lot of geometric fonts popping up all over, all looking like they could be placed on an Urban Outfitters t-shirt. This font, High Tide, has been my favorite that I have found so far. It has tons of personality, without compromising readability too much. I wouldn’t recommend this font for smaller sizes, but for a shirt, header, or poster design, I think it is great.
[photo from Flickr]

FR2S Audrey
Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses of all time, as well as one of my role models. I love this quote + photo because I feel like it is such a great summation of her. The font used here is called Nexa. It is available in several weights to download for free, but if you want more, you have to pay a small fee. It is clean, simple, easy to read, yet elegant. I would use this font for both large and small type.
[image from here]

Happy weekend to everyone! I have some awesome events planned this weekend, so make sure you check back for some new blog posts next week!

4th of July Designs

I had a great 4th of July weekend, going to the beach, and celebrating with friends. We decided last minute to throw a little get together after I found some adorable plates and napkins at Target. I designed some little print outs + made some confetti to make our place look festive.
FR2S 4th of July print
FR2S 4th of July print
FR2S 4th of July print
I decided to use more muted red + blue for the printouts so that it would all look cohesive with the bought plates and straws.
FR2S 4th of July Straws
I love these paper straws, and decided to add cute little sayings on each of them.
FR2S Cup and Straw
Last, but not least, I designed a patriotic-themed menu for our guests including drinks and appetizers we had:
FR2S 4th of July Menu
I kept the same aesthetic throughout all the decorations, and all the guests loved it!
Happy Monday!

Font Friday 1.6

Happy [late] Independence Day and Friday! It has been a crazy few days, so I am just now getting to show you my latest font finds. Hope you all had a great 4th, and keep your eye out for my upcoming post on the decorations and designs I created for the festivities.

Freedom Lovelo Font
Lovelo earlier this week and am really liking it. I love the width of the letters, and that it comes with an interesting semi-outlined version in a bold and light.
FR2S Klinic Slab
I enjoy this quote by Leo Tolstoy , and this font from Lost Type Co-op, Klinic. It comes in four different weights, each with italics as well. This typeface works well both large and small, and is quickly becoming a favorite among me and my design friends.
[Photo from Flickr]

Happy weekend!



Happy Fourth of July

Packaging: VisuaLingual

I was recently given an adorable “just because” gift from a dear friend who has a knack for finding little treasures. This Seed Bomb sack, created and designed by VisuaLingual is an interesting concept, and very well done. I love their use of typography, and how each different seed bomb pack looks distinct, yet all part of a cohesive brand. Each cloth sack is eye catching with its vibrant, oversized type and use of space. I also love the subtle details, such as the lines or ornamental shapes. My friend got me the West Coast Wildflower seed bomb, and I can’t wait to plant mine in a pot, or some space outside. Be sure to check out their custom designed seed bombs too, they would be a very unique and beautiful gift.
VisuaLingual Sweet Sentiment   VisuaLingual Exotic Herbs VisualLingual backyard   VisuaLingual Edible Garden VisuaLingual Seed Bombs   VisuaLingual SeedBomb

All photos shown are from VisuaLingual‘s website and store. I take no credit for the photos posted above.

Happy July!

California Palm Tree
It has been just about two months since I started this blog, and it has been so much fun! I decided it was time to reveal who I am! I always enjoy reading blogs where I can put a face to the voice. So…(cue the New Girl theme song…”who’s that girl….”)
Green Wall Umbrella
This is me! I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and moved to California in for college. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, and knew immediately I wanted to move to Los Angeles. After working in the graphic design world for two years now, I decided to start this blog as another creative outlet.
Green Wall Pink Sweater
I love living in California, especially in Los Angeles. There is so much to do, see and explore, and design is everywhere. I’m always keeping my eye out for beautiful packaging, awesome logos, happy color combinations, talented local artists and a delicious gluten free cupcake. This blog also documents my adventures as a twenty-something discovering a new city with so much to offer.
FR2S Umbrella and Street
Thanks for stopping by and reading! A huge thank you to my friend Beth for helping take these photos of me, and driving around town to find the perfect spot!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say HI!, feel free to email me at Check out my Instagram and Twitter for more frequent updates and thoughts. Have a great Monday!

Font Friday 1.5

Happy Friday! The two fonts in this week’s round up are not new, but are some great ones. I hope you enjoy! I will be spending this weekend getting prepped for the 4th! Keep an eye out for that blog post!
FR2S Champagne
I’ve been loving poetry lately, and always thought this was a powerful verse. This font is called Champagne & Limousines. I love the name, and how it looks in all uppercase. It also comes in different weights, which is always ideal with a typeface. [Image from Flikr]
FR2S Lavanderia
I find it hard to find a good, free, script font that looks clean and isn’t too hard to kern. Lavanderia comes in three weights, and has numerous alternate letters, making it easily customizable. It is feminine, yet versatile, and has a great line weight.

Have a great weekend!

Walking Downtown LA: Part 3

The final surprise on Saturday was a trip to the San Antonio Winery, located right past downtown Los Angeles. It is the only winery located in Los Angeles proper, and I had no idea it was there. What an awesome spot! I highly recommend going to this winery for a quick day trip if you don’t feel like driving too far, a girls day or great date spot. Plus, taking the metro eliminates the need to drive! (Win-win for all!) The winery offers a tour of their space, a cafe, restaurant and a tasting bar. They also have several of their own brands of wine that are quite delicious. I am a moscato + reisling fan, and I fell in love with both of theirs.
San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
 The cafe offers wine by the glass, as well as snack plates. We got the cheese platter and it was more than enough for two, and quite filling.
FR2S San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
I can’t wait to come back to this winery! I also highly recommend the tour of the winery. It’s quick, entertaining and informative.

Walking Downtown LA: Part 2

The second part of my Saturday birthday surprise was a trip to Bottega Louie. Since we were already in downtown, it was only a quick walk away. Visiting this patisserie + market  has been on my LA bucket list for a long time. Walking in to Bottega Louie was like walking into heaven. The floors and counters are a beautiful white and grey marble, and the glass display holds the most beautiful and colorful desserts. You immediately feel transported to Paris or New York. The sights, smells and sounds are overwhelming in the best way possible. Although I am gluten free, I still loved looking at all the desserts. I cannot wait to go back and eat at their restaurant.
FR2S Bottega Louie
FR2S Bottega Louie Macarons
How gorgeous are these colorful macarons!? I’ll take one in every color please!
FR2S Bottega Louie Macaron Box
This box of assorted macarons would be perfect for a hostess gift, or as desserts at your own party.

FR2S Bottega Louie
Adding to the elegance of Bottega Louie is the beautiful packaging they do. They have both branded tissue paper and boxes, very reminiscent of what you may find in Paris. Their pastel colors + gold complement their brightly colored desserts in such a classy way.
FR2S Bottega Louie Desserts
FR2S Bottega Louie Cupcakes
If macarons aren’t your favorite dessert, they have a wide variety of other delicious looking treats. I cannot wait to go back!

Happy Wednesday!