Beautiful iPhone Photography

I recently found out about the iPhone Photography Awards [IPPA], and was blown away by the amazing photos taken by people on their iPhones/iPads from all over the world. Seriously, there are some awesome shots. I picked out a few of my favorites below, but to see the full gallery, check it out here.

IPPA iPhoto 1
IPPA iPhone 7
IPPA iPhone 2
IPPA iPhone 4
IPPA iPhone 5
IPPA iPhone 6
IPPA iPhone 8
IPPA iPhone 9
IPPA iPhone 12
IPPA iPhone 1

Font Friday 2.2

TGIF and enjoy this week’s Font Friday!!


Font Friday Homestead
Homestead is an awesome and customizable free font that you can download here. It has different strokes that allow you to layer on top of one another.
[vintage football team image from flickr]


Starbucks: Pink

Despite the fact that Starbucks released their pink sleeves advertising their new partnership with a bakery from San Francisco a few weeks ago, I am a recent big fan. I love the scalloped boarder, the typeface, and the interesting color. I know not everyone is a fan, but it is definitely nice to see a temporary color that draws more attention to it. Being from Seattle, I’m a Starbucks lover, and from a designer standpoint, really like and am enjoying this playful change. [One side note: it does look like Starbucks is advertising breast cancer awareness since this similar shade of pink has come to represent that].
starbucks sleeve
starbucks pink sleeve

Font Friday 2.1

I cannot believe we are in August already! Time is FLYING!! I keep coming across some awesome fonts, so I chose two to share with you all today! Have a great weekend!
Watercolor Map and type
I’ve been loving watercolors and the color gray lately, not for any specific reason. I find this typeface to be inspiring, playful and versatile [as a headline]. Ontwerp can be downloaded here.
[watercolor image from here]
Biko Font
Biko is a great font that comes in three weights [regular, bold + black], and is also great for headlines or body [if you use upper+lowercase]. I love how even the letters all align on the top and bottom. What are your thoughts??

Color Ride

Once a week, I teach a Spinning® class as an exercise outlet. I love getting to choose the movement, songs and duration. Plus, it is fun to interact with the class. Last week, I decided to start doing themed rides. I’ve been drawing so much inspiration from color lately, I thought it was fitting to start it off with a Color Ride. All songs had colors in the title, and throughout the song. Check it out below!

Color Ride Playlist

Font Friday 2.0

Today marks the 10th Font Friday, and therefor my 10th week of blogging! It has been a juggling act, trying to fit in working, freelancing, blogging and having a life away from my beloved laptop, but I love it! Hope you all have some fun things planned for this weekend. Enjoy today’s summery font!
Baffled summer font
It has been pretty gloomy here in LA the last few days, but I can’t complain. It’s always nice in LA! This font is called Baffled. I recommend using it in all upper case [as shown], as opposed to upper and lower. As you can see, the upper case has some shorter letters built in that look like lowercase. It is a fun font, great for a display name. [image from Flikr]

Happy Friday!

According to Pantone

Happy Monday! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a new project that I am super excited about. I have been carrying around a Pantone swatch book and matching it to the colors that I find in my day to day adventures. You might have heard of The Pantone Project, where people upload photos of different Pantone swatch postcards [just one color]. Definitely check out #thepantoneproject on Instagram. My project is similar to that, however, instead of using one color, I use the entire  swatch, with all of the shades. Many of the things I have found have a range of colors that seem to match, There is so much color and inspiration in everything around us if we just stop to look at it. Check out my Instagram [@fromraintoshine] to see the most current photos. I will post a recap weekly!

Pantone Matching
I’ve really had fun with this project so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes! It was really exciting on Friday when I found out that Pantone had shared one of my photos on their official Instagram. Talk about a graphic designer’s dream!
FR2S Pantone Instagram
How about you? Where will you see the world #accordingtopantone? Tag your pics!

Font Friday 1.9

A brief round up for Font Friday today. I am working on a “Pin It” button, but in the mean time, feel free to pin any images! Happy Friday!
From Rain to Shine
I love this cursive, calligraphy font, Meddon. However, as a heads up, you will need to adjust the kerning on some of the letters. Enjoy!

Succulents: Part 1

Alternative Apparel + succulents
I discovered succulents when I moved to LA and fell in love. Not only are they easy to take care of [I have a hard time keeping any other type of plant alive], they are also so pretty and interesting to look at. Succulents seem to be a staple in a majority of LA gardens, potted plants, or interior decorations. I headed over to Alternative Apparel in Venice, and met up with Allyson, their Social Media Manager. She gave me a tour of the shop, and all of the succulent arrangements throughout the store + store front. They have some pretty cool set ups, so if you are ever on Abbot Kinney, be sure and stop by to check it out! [They also have the most comfy clothes!]
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
What makes so many of these succulent arrangements unique is the interesting containers they are kept in. I know next time I go to the Pasadena Flea Market, I’ll for sure be looking for things like this!
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
So many different variations, each are so interesting!
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Once again, a big thanks to Allyson. Check out Alternative Apparel Venice’s Instagram for awesome pictures from around the shop!

Font Friday 1.8

TGIF! I’m quite excited for the weekend and being able to relax.  Enjoy this week’s Font Friday!

The Little Prince
I love this quote from The Little Prince, and the typeface Grand Hotel. I recently discovered this font, and find it to be just darling. I love the loops and the weight of this typeface. It also translates well large or small. Enjoy!
My Mantra
I think this is a great mantra to have about life. I also love a solid serif font, like this one, Intro. There is a full version you can purchase, or download the trial one for free. The full version has different weights and styles, while the trial comes with the inline and regular version.
[image from flickr]