Font Friday 3.4

Here in LA, the weather has been just the right amount of fall. It is slightly overcast, scattered drizzles and a little colder than normal (aka, 63 degrees). Well, I am LOVING it. After growing up in Seattle, I was tired of 325 days of rain. I needed the sun. Now, after living in southern California for college and a little post-grad, I’m finding myself missing that fall feeling. Believe me, I don’t need excessive amounts of rain, but it is great to be able to wear my boots and scarves every once in a while. Either way, loving this weather, so excited for the weekend and T-5 days until I am home in Seattle!
Type and Rain Love
Signika is my choice font for the day. It is a great sans serif that comes in four weights (I like options!). It has pretty good kerning built into it, which is always a huge plus, and looks great in all caps, upper and lower or as a headline. Enjoy this versatile font and have a wonderful [fall feeling] weekend!
[image from flikr, definition from Urban Dictionary]

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