Font Friday 1.5

Happy Friday! The two fonts in this week’s round up are not new, but are some great ones. I hope you enjoy! I will be spending this weekend getting prepped for the 4th! Keep an eye out for that blog post!
FR2S Champagne
I’ve been loving poetry lately, and always thought this was a powerful verse. This font is called Champagne & Limousines. I love the name, and how it looks in all uppercase. It also comes in different weights, which is always ideal with a typeface. [Image from Flikr]
FR2S Lavanderia
I find it hard to find a good, free, script font that looks clean and isn’t too hard to kern. Lavanderia┬ácomes in three weights, and has numerous alternate letters, making it easily customizable. It is feminine, yet versatile, and has a great line weight.

Have a great weekend!

One Thought on “Font Friday 1.5

  1. jenn on June 29, 2013 at 8:02 pm said:

    Hi Jessica,
    (Do you prefer Jess then?)
    Sorry it took so long for me to subscribe. Ben’s been badgering me. Love your blog! I already have a friend who would really appreciate it!
    See you on the 4th?

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