Font Friday 1.4

Happy Friday all! Today, I present to you three decorative fonts ( I wouldn’t use any of these for a lot of body type, personally). Each are unique and beautiful in their own way. Let me know which one is your favorite.
FR2S Alice in Wonderland
This quirky, yet elegant serif is called Foglihten No. 1. I stumbled across this one randomly and fell in love. It is modern with a heavy vintage/antique influence. It also comes with beautiful swashes and glyphs. You can download Foglihten No. 1 here.
FR2S Toy Story
Café & Brewery has some very interesting character forms. I LOVE the “G,” and wished some of the characters had more swashes like that. This is a great informal sans serif font, with some added personality in the letterforms. You can download Café & Brewery here.
FR2S Friday
The third font for today’s Font Friday is Mensch. I like this typeface because it has several different widths and options. It is playful, soft and versitile. This sans serif font would be great for an invitation to a summer BBQ! Download Mensch from here.

Have a happy Friday!

One Thought on “Font Friday 1.4

  1. These are great fonts. I love the ‘G’ and the ‘M’ in the Cafe & Brewery!

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