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For those of you who are always on the hunt for something beautiful, you must check out Mornings Like These Instagram, or their site here. It is such an inspiring and positive community focusing on happiness and celebrating the ordinary, especially in the morning. I caught up with the site’s creator, Joy, and asked her some questions about what motivates her.
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1. What gave you the idea to start Mornings Like These?
Mornings Like These came into being very organically. I was on a weekend beach trip with some of my close girlfriends and I woke up hours before everyone else. I sat upright in bed looking out the window at the sunrise over the ocean. I opened a window and just sat listening to the waves in the distance. There wasn’t a peep in the condo and all was still. I thought to myself that I needed ‘more mornings like these’ and in that instant, I knew I had to find a way to bottle that essence for as long as I could.
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2. What is your ideal morning?
It’s hard to say… I’ve had so many great mornings and they’ve all been completely opposite of one another. I’ve pulled all nighters, woken up for the sun rise, slept in way past the alarm, and woken up right on time. Every morning is different and I can’t say for sure what my ideal would be but I can say for sure that there is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

3. Name one morning ritual that you love to do when you have the time?
Weekend morning hikes. I developed an appreciation for trails and hiking over the last year and it feels amazing to challenge yourself, both physically and mentally. It’s important to seize a moment when you’re given one, despite how good staying in bed feels.
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4. What inspires you?
Everything. Really, I am so in awe of every little thing. People in particular, though… When I see someone being so firm in their convictions and motivated in their cause, I get so stoked. I have so much respect for people who don’t ask and just do. There is no reason to tread lightly in this world. Leave your mark and be fearlessly persistent when it comes to following your dreams or exploring an idea. Be gentle but not fearful. 
5. Coffee or Tea?
As much as I love tea, coffee has a permanent spot in my heart. I stick around in the kitchen most mornings during the brew process just so I can smell the hot coffee when it first hits the cup. So good.
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6. Summer or Winter?
Absolutely and 100% winter. I’m a January baby so maybe it’s just in my blood. Winter and cold weather allows you to cuddle more, eat more, and sleep more. Also, hiking trails are usually less busy in cold weather. Win/win!
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7. What is your life motto?
Live unapologetically. We are human and by design, we are flawed. You might as well love the life you’re given and shake things up when given the chance. Dye your hair blue, get a piercing, fall in love, praise God, stay up all night, make messes but learn to clean them up.  Some people are so afraid of what being hurt feels like and that is such a waste of time to me. Just go out and let stuff happen to you. You’ll thank yourself for it.
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All photos provided by Mornings Like These.

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  1. Awesome and inspiring images! Thank you!

  2. Shannon on January 28, 2014 at 8:15 am said:

    I really enjoyed this post. Thank you.

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