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Sometimes, I come across a site that immediately inspires me. I want to see and read everything they have to say. That happened when I found A Pair of Pears. The pair of designers behind this awesome blog is a creative couple who shares fun finds, inspiration and their work (which is really good). I picked Jamie’s brain about what makes their blog tick.
A Pair of Pears

1. What made you decide to go into a creative field?
Ever since I was little I have loved art. So I never really questioned what I wanted to do when I grew up. It was kind of a natural progression from coloring in coloring books to designing paper goods for our shop.
Art Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Water color | A Pair of Pears
2. Explain what your blog is about and your inspiration behind it.
We started our blog the day we got engaged 5 year ago. At the time we were in college and far away from both of our families, so its main purpose was to keep our family updated on things we were doing. After we got married and moved to LA, it was still a place for us to keep our family up to date, but we started really loving blogging in general and began sharing more of our work and inspiration. When I really think about it sometimes it’s kind of weird sharing our life with complete strangers. But at the same time a lot of these strangers are now friends. Friends that are encouraging, and supporting. Featuring A Pair of Pears
3. You do hand lettering. What is your process in creating your prints?
All of our prints start because they are something we want to have for ourselves. For instance we created the tandem bike print in our shop because we love tandem bikes. We rode a tandem bike around Mackinac Island on our honeymoon and since then we rent one every time we go on vacation. So we designed the print for ourselves and then put in our shop too.
Once we have the idea I usually start with a good ol’ #2 pencil a paper. I’ll just start by sketching out different lettering styles and layouts. Once I have something I like, I start refining it until I’m happy with it. At this point I take it into Photoshop and really start getting into the details and colors. My favorite part is taking it to the printer and seeing it printed out on paper. It’s really satisfying to see something go from sketch to screen and then to a beautiful finished piece of art. I don’t think that will ever get old.
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
Hand Lettering | A Pair of Pears
4. What do you do when you are having a creative block?
 I stop whatever I’m doing ASAP! If I don’t stop, I tend to get really upset and frustrated — and that just causes more problems. So I’ve learned the best thing to do is take a walk, watch some TV, (preferably Parks & Recreation or Sherlock) or just take some cuddle time with my pup. Usually when I make myself stop thinking about what I’m working on for a bit I can come back refreshed and try again and usually get somewhere.
A Pair of Pears
5. What is your life motto?
Be intentional.
6. Favorite app on your computer/phone?
Printic! I just discovered it a few weeks ago and only because they emailed me asking if I wanted to try out their app. The branding is so beautiful and I just can’t get enough of the cute little Polaroid prints.
Type + Prints | A Pair of Pears
7. How do you stay organized?
Ha! Well I TRY to stay organized. But let’s be honest: it doesn’t happen all the time. Usually my apartment gets neglected so I can keep A Pair of Pears organized. When I get a project I schedule it out so I know what and when I need to do everything. For that, I usually use Google Calendar. I have different colors that I use for different categories: blog post, personal projects, client work all that goes on there. That seems to do the trick.
A Pair of Pears

Be sure to check out A Pair of Pears, and all of their awesome hand lettering and design. Seriously good stuff!

[Special thanks to Jamie from A Pair of Pears for all of the photos]

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  1. What a pretty little, grounded interview. I love catching a glimpse into others’ studios. Enjoy your blog as well–I’ll be keeping in touch via Bloglovin.’ 🙂


  2. Thanks for introducing us to A Pair of Pears! Seriously gorg prints.

  3. Great find Jess. I really like their stuff too. Thanks!!!

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