Color My World: New York Edition

You may remember that I teamed up with my friend Christy of Avoiding Atrophy in January to post Colors of Winter. With all the beautiful changing colors, we decided to showcase fall colors in New York. Since Los Angeles is seasonally challenged (believe me, I love the warm weather, but do miss the occasional rain!), Christy took some beautiful photos of New York/Brooklyn showing all fall in all it’s glory. Enjoy!
color my world
color my world new york
new york color my world
color my world new york

[Photo credit: Christy of Avoiding Atrophy]

2 Thoughts on “Color My World: New York Edition

  1. I have a friend (here in LA) who spent the weekend looking for autumn! Hoping she was successful and was able to bring it down here! If not, we have your post! Thank you!

  2. These are beautiful fall photos! It’s great to see some color on a day when all there is to see is white snow. (Beautiful in its own right, but also too monolithic for much speculation.)

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