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Summer Zest

Summer Zest Party
Recently, I got some of my gal pals together for an early summer gathering, to celebrate the warm weather and get excited for the new season. Held at my friends gorgeous apartment in Westwood, we sipped refreshing drinks, ate some delicious food, and got to enjoy each other’s company. Who doesn’t love spending a Saturday with friends and sun!? For this party, I wanted the drinks + pastries to have lemon incorporated to the recipes. Lemons are such a great addition to a summer beverage, and also pack in some great health benefits.
Summer Zest Party
The Set Up
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
I used Minted for all the adorable paper party decor. Not only do they have a wide variety of designs to choose from, they have customization options so you can create your perfect party. I chose a theme that had some yellow + mint colors, since I knew that would be a great canvas for the vibrant lemons. Minted also makes it so easy to set up your decorations, providing the necessary supplies with your order. Seriously adorable and oh so fun.

The Treats
Summer Zest Party

The cupcakes + cake pops were B-E-A-Utiful and oh so delicious. Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena knows their cupcakes, and every gal couldn’t believe how cute + yummy they were. What’s a party without some adorable cupcakes? The two flavors both had hints of lemon that complimented the cocktails so well, Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Drop. YUM.
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
The Sips
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
The first beverage I served was a Rosemary Lemon Margarita. Super easy to make, this drink was tasty and very well received.

Lemons/Lemon Juice
Club Soda
Rosemary Sprig

I lined the rims with pink Himalayan salt, rather than traditional white. (Full recipe here).

Summer Zest Party

Summer Zest Party
The second lemon infused drink I served was White Wine Sangria, a must for an early afternoon get together. I used ONEHOPE wine, a company that not only makes great wine, but also gives back to the community.

1 bottle of ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc
1 bottle ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine (optional topper just before serving)
1 cup raspberries
lime slices (1/2 lime)
orange slices (1/2 large navel orange)
orange juice (from 2nd half of large navel orange or ~1/4 cup)
lemon slices (1 lemon)

(Recipe adapted from here.)

Summer Zest Party

Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
In addition to the cupcakes + drinks, I served fruit, cheese, crackers, chips and dip. No guest left hungry!
Summer Zest Party Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
The Gals
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
Summer Zest Party
Friends, warm weather, drinks, a pool and summer on the horizon makes for an excellent reason to celebrate and enjoy some summer zest together.
Summer Zest Party
Have a GREAT summer!

[A huge thank you to Minted, Dots Cupcakes and ONEHOPE Wine who provided items + helped make this post possible!]

All photos by Samantha Zachrich.

America the Beautiful

Joshua Tree California
In honor of Earth Day, I have decided to start a new series on the blog: America the Beautiful. I love traveling around to new places and discovering the beauty it holds, be it natural or man made. I decided to start with Joshua Tree National Park, located about an hour outside of Palm Springs, California. I had an awesome time hiking around there this weekend, taking in all the incredible sights and trails. It is such a unique area, and the photos don’t do it justice. If you ever vacay to Palm Springs, I highly suggest taking a couple hours to check out this gorgeous park.
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
I cannot get over how gorgeous the desert landscape is. So unique and beautiful in its own way.
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
The brown color of the rocks and ground mixed with the various green colors of the plants makes for a gorgeous color palette.
Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California
Happy Earth Day! Don’t forget to look at the beauty around you today, and every day!


New York City
Hi all! I am off to NYC for a few days for a little vacay and to see some friends, old and new! Have a great weekend!
[image via tumblr]



This past weekend, my three high school best friends and I got together with our significant others for a Friendsgiving. It was a blast, and certainly a tradition to keep up for years to come. I went all out, and had so much fun making all of the crafts and floral arrangements. We divided up the food so that one person wasn’t stuck making it all.
Thanksgiving Placesetting
Every place setting had a little boutineer I made from a painted stick, white and brown feathers, and a cut from a safflower plant. It was tied with a piece of red yarn. They came out so well, and were a big hit.
Food Labels
To label all of the food, I found pieces of bark at a park, painted them, and then wrote on them. They came super cute!
Floral Arrangement
I went to the Flower Mart on Saturday (more to come about that tomorrow!) and picked out several different types of flowers. I then played around with a little floral arrangements until I was satisfied with the results.
Painted Coaster
I think one of my favorite things that I made was the deer silhouette coasters. I painted old coasters dark blue, created the silhouette stencil of a deer and then spray painted it gold. To seal it, I painted mod podge on top and let it dry. They fit in so well with the rest of the table decor, and added a nice splash of blue,
Apple and Pumpkin PIe
Apple Pie
We had plenty of pie to go around, and I must say, they were delicious!
Friendsgiving was so much fun, and I will be eating left overs for days. It was a great way to celebrate friendship and the holiday season. And what’s even better, we still have the REAL Thanksgiving next week! Happy Tuesday!

Santa Monica Sunset

I think sometimes I take living in Los Angeles, close to the beach, for granted. On Sunday night, one of my best friends and I decided to grab a cup of chai tea from Groundworks on Main Street in Santa Monica, and walk down to the beach to enjoy sunset. It was beautiful, and a great way to say goodbye to “summer” (although, I have yet to see any indication of fall). I love sunset, and all the beauty it has to offer.
Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles
Santa Monica Sunset
Palm Tree Santa Monica

Pasadena Flea Market

On the second Sunday of every month, the Rose Bowl becomes the biggest treasure hunt/yard sale/antique shop I have ever seen. There is everything from furniture, to denim cut offs + you can find some really interesting items. The more serious shoppers get there around 6 am to score the best items. I got there around 11, just to browse. A tip if you attend next month: it gets HOT HOT HOT. Bring water, sunscreen and dress appropriately.
FR2S Rose Bowl Flea Market
FR2S Rose Bowl
A lot of vendors have miscellaneous items spread out for you to search through, as seen above. However, I found two different booths that had more of a concentration, and were laid out so well.
FR2S Colored Glass
FR2S Blue Mason Jars
FR2S Colored Bottles
The couple who was selling all of this colored glass, did so in a way you couldn’t help but walk over to. The glass was organized and neat, and it was pretty cool to see the vintage colored bottles. Next time I need a vase, I know where I’m going!
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
FR2S Pasadena Flea Market
I think this was possibly the most interesting table I saw on Sunday. This man had acquired trinkets, all with a steampunk vibe, and organized them in a way for you to search through. I loved his wooden stamps and buckets of loose letters. I am definitely brainstorming some craft ideas.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy July!

California Palm Tree
It has been just about two months since I started this blog, and it has been so much fun! I decided it was time to reveal who I am! I always enjoy reading blogs where I can put a face to the voice. So…(cue the New Girl theme song…”who’s that girl….”)
Green Wall Umbrella
This is me! I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and moved to California in for college. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design, and knew immediately I wanted to move to Los Angeles. After working in the graphic design world for two years now, I decided to start this blog as another creative outlet.
Green Wall Pink Sweater
I love living in California, especially in Los Angeles. There is so much to do, see and explore, and design is everywhere. I’m always keeping my eye out for beautiful packaging, awesome logos, happy color combinations, talented local artists and a delicious gluten free cupcake. This blog also documents my adventures as a twenty-something discovering a new city with so much to offer.
FR2S Umbrella and Street
Thanks for stopping by and reading! A huge thank you to my friend Beth for helping take these photos of me, and driving around town to find the perfect spot!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say HI!, feel free to email me at Check out my Instagram and Twitter for more frequent updates and thoughts. Have a great Monday!

Sangria Saturday

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have developed a great love for sangria. I don’t know why it took so long for me to discover this. Fruit, pop (or soda, as many call it) + wine? Genius! This weekend, I had some girlfriends over to sip sangria and celebrate the summertime on my rooftop. I picked up some adorable paper straws, designed little menu cards and used mason jars for cups. I had two variations of sangria, and both were a big hit. I prefer my sangria to just be wine, rather than adding other types of alcohol to it. I find that it is sweeter, and doesn’t give you a headache. Sangria is the perfect compliment to Saturday brunch, or an after work BBQ. Both recipes that I used are posted below. Special thanks to my friend Ryan for some of her awesome pics below!

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Rose Sangria

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday

FR2S Sangria Saturday
Cheers to summer!

FR2S Sangria Recipes
The Summer Sangria recipe was adapted from here, DC Girl in Pearls simple sangria. Check out her blog, super cute!!


Mumford & Sons Concert

As you can probably tell, I am a big Mumford & Sons fan. This past Sunday, I got to see them perform for the second time in their Gentlemen of the Road Summer Stampede tour. They are even better live then they are on their recorded albums. Not only are they musically talented, who ever does their graphic design is has a great eye. Their signage, posters, t-shirts and other branded merchandise is so well done, they really have captured the essence of the “Mumford-y” style (see this previous post). To top it off, the light show that accompanies the music is awesome. I love how they keep it simple, yet engaging. If you ever get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend seeing them live.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road
Gentlemen of the Road FR2S Mumford & Sons
FR2S Mumford & Sons Flags
These banners were all over the venue, all with different designs that were very well done.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Stage
How great are the stage, lights and flags?
FR2S Mumford & Sons Lights
I love that the large screens above broadcast what is going on below, but is done in a more colorful way. I didn’t know where to look! Each song had a different color and light show that accompanied it.
FR2S Mumford & Sons Set List
At the end of their show, I was lucky to get an official set list. How awesome! They ended with one of my favorite songs.

I have been listening to all of their albums nonstop on Spotify since the concert (Spotify is awesome, I love that they have all of their live and studio albums available)!  Here’s to Mumford & Sons and the awesome band that they are!

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1st Beach Day of Summer

To celebrate a special birthday, we spent the entire day at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. It was perfect! The weather was just right, and we got there early enough to secure a picnic table and BBQ! colorful beachball
Summertime colors are so happy, bright and saturated. I love this photo, the primary colors really stand out against the softer colors of the sand and ocean.
sky bubbles
I picked up a bottle of bubbles. Who knew that a little soap and water could be so much fun!
Target Plates
I came across these awesome plates, napkins and table cloth at Target! They have really stepped up their design on a lot of their packaging and products. They were perfect for a beach BBQ.
The way I see…
Days like today make me so excited for many more of them this summer. Even if California is perpetually warm, being from Seattle I still have “weather-stress,”and feel like I must be outside on a nice day. Happy Sunday!