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December in Review

I think each month starts to go by faster and faster. Here’s a quick recap of my December. It consisted of lots of holiday celebrations, family time and cookie decorating, with UniqueLA, a trip to the PacNW and a fun cocktail photo shoot thrown in! Hope your first full week of 2014 is off to a great start!
From Rain to Shine December in Review

Now on Facebook!

Last night, I decided to make a Facebook page for my blog. If you like getting your blog updates via FB, look no further! Check it out here! Now on Facebook

Celebrate Positivity

A few months back, I attended Freutcamp, put on by the lovely Leah of Freutcake. There I met Natalie (of, who spoke about the importance of a positive attitude, optimisim and surrounding yourself by others who inspire you. Well, she mentioned writing down all the good things that happen to you so if you are ever feeling down, you can pull out that list and remember that you are pretty AWESOME. I took it one step further and decided to create a Little Success Jar. Any proud or positive accomplishment that happens, I am going to write it down and put it in the jar. It’s a great way to practice an attitude of gratitude and keep your spirits up! What better time to start this than the beginning of a new year?
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to decorate my mason jar with wash tape and some twine. You can decorate yours with anything! Markers, paint, paper, whatever speaks to you.
Litte Success Jar DIY
1. Start by choosing large container. I wanted mine to be see through so I could see it fill up over time.
2. Decorate with your choice of materials.
3. When you are finished, find a few scraps of paper.
Success Jar DIY
4. Ta-da! SUPER EASY, quick, and a great way to celebrate the little things in life. Let me know if you make one and how you decorate it!
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to display mine next to my matchbook and wine cork collection. I think it fits in nicely on my side table, don’t you?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
Hope you all had a wonderful NYE! Here is to a great 2014 full of laughs, happiness and health! Love to all, and I’m so excited for everything to come for From Rain to Shine!

Gobble Gobble

Have a great holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving

October in Review

It is blowing my mind that October is over and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving!  While shopping this weekend, some stores were actually playing Christmas music! I’m like a giddy little girl this time of year! October was a great month and I can’t wait to see what November has in store.
FR2S October in Review

Halloween Ride

In honor of Halloween, my themed Spinning® class of the month had to be spooky! I created a Halloween playlist, as well as a storyline for our ride. The 45 minute ride was simulated as though we were riding away from zombies and monsters. The playlist, and the movements all corresponded. I also wanted to try and find songs that are used less frequently (of course, Thriller had to be a part, because what is Halloween without it.) Many horror movie theme songs served as the perfect tune for what we were doing. If you would like to see the class structure, leave your email in the comments and I will gladly send it over.

Halloween Ride

Rock n’ Roll Ride

Recently, I was getting a lot of requests in my Spinning® classes to play some rock n’ roll classics. I compiled a list of suggestions for which songs to include and the playlist below is the result. I created a class that was entirely throwback and it went really well. People of all ages really liked the class!

Rock n Roll Ride

Hello October!

September flew by and I cannot believe it is October. Last month was great, I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest, went to the Malibu triathlon (to cheer, not partake), spent time enjoying the last few weeks of “official” summer and did some serious blog planning. October marks the beginning of my favorite time of year, the HOLIDAY season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the winter festivities ending with New Years. 2014 will be here before we know it, but for now, enjoy one day at a time!
September Instagram Review

Color Ride

Once a week, I teach a Spinning® class as an exercise outlet. I love getting to choose the movement, songs and duration. Plus, it is fun to interact with the class. Last week, I decided to start doing themed rides. I’ve been drawing so much inspiration from color lately, I thought it was fitting to start it off with a Color Ride. All songs had colors in the title, and throughout the song. Check it out below!

Color Ride Playlist