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Sunny Spot

This weekend, as part of my pre-birthday celebration, some girlfriends and I went to an adorable brunch spot in Venice. There are so many cute places to try, but Sunny Spot’s bottomless mimosas and interesting menu caught my eye. The interior design and decorations are so well done, a mix between shabby chic and floral heaven. I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the mood for a delicious brunch, and endless bottomless mimosas. I know I will be there again soon!
FR2S Sunny Spot Brunch
FR2S Sunny Spot Type
I love the painted type on the wall, and the bright turquoise color. It is hard to miss when you pass by it.
FR2S Sunny Spot Menu
They have both indoor and outdoor seating. We lucked out with the weather while sitting outside. It was just perfect.
FR2S Sunny Spot Coffee
FR2S Sunny Spot Indoor Seating
How great is the indoor seating. Those stools are awesome and all mismatched. See below for a closeup.
FR2S Sunny Spot Stools
Really awesome patterns.  Happy Monday!

Sweet Butter

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I like it even better on a lazy Sunday. This weekend, I went to brunch at a place I have been to several times, and always leave satisfied. Sweet Butter, located in Sherman Oaks, has a variety of breakfast + brunch foods, along with a market and cafe. Both the inside where you place your order, and the outside patio are so cute, you could spend all morning there sipping coffee and reading a book.

FR2S Sweet Butter
FR2S Sweet Butter coffee
Being from Seattle, I am a big coffee lover. I like it even better when the presentation is as cute as this.
FR2S Sweet Butter
The marketplace has lots of adorable + well designed cookbooks, and is a great place to find a hostess gift.
FR2S Sweet Butter
FR2S Sweet Butter
The outdoor patio has so much light and open space, definitely a secret garden feel to it.
FR2S Sweet Butter
I love the mini chalkboards hung on the walls with sweet sayings, accompanied by patterned kites and potted plants.

I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Sherman Oaks looking for a delicious breakfast spot. TIP: Get there early, this place fills up fast!

Eat Cupcakes

Cupcakes are probably one of my most favorite things, especially for dessert or a special occasion. They are super cute, colorful and the perfect amount of sweetness. Earlier this week, I needed some cupcakes, and I wanted them to be customized. After calling around to several places, I was referred to this ADORABLE place, Vanilla Bake Shop. The store is bright and happy, and the staff were awesome! To top it off, the cupcakes were delish! (I am gluten free, and unfortunately they only carry gluten free cupcakes on Friday, but I had to sample one.) Let me tell you, they were a big hit.

FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, vanilla bake shop
They have a wide variety of desserts on their menu, including customizable cakes!
FR2S, Vanilla Bake Shop
FR2S, Cupcake Vanilla Bakery
Final Product:
FR2S, I love you
Check out their website to see their daily cupcake lists.

Malibu Wines

Who doesn’t love wine? Mix it with friends + a fun location + finger foods and you’ve got yourself a great day! I highly recommend Malibu Wines, but get there early on nice days if you want to secure a cute picnic table and space. You can either go wine tasting, or buy bottles of wine to enjoy.

A very welcome entry!

How cute are the light fixtures. Made from wine bottles and glasses from the winery.

The decor is great! Definitely has a vintage winery feel going on.

Added bonus: you get to take your wine glass home with you.