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Seattle Dreaming

Check out this awesome time-lapse video by F-Stop, showcasing Seattle in all its glory. Talk about making me homesick!

Seattle Dream Pt. II from F-Stop Seattle on Vimeo.

They did an excellent job really highlighting the beauty that seems to be overlooked by so many due to the rain. Check out F-Stop’s website + Vimeo channel for more gorgeous Emerald City images + videos!

Jess in the City (My NY Recap)

I can’t believe it is a week since I jetted off for an amazing weekend in the big apple. I had the best time seeing old and new friends, exploring and just taking in everything New York has to offer. What a fun city, and I totally fell in love with so many parts. Check out some of the highlights below.
Central Park New York
Central Park–The weather was perfect the entire time I was there!
Exploring New York Brooklyn Bridge View
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was definitely a highlight.
Brooklyn Bridge NYC
Brooklyn Bridge NYC
Brooklyn Bridge NYC
Ok seriously, I was obsessed. The view was UNREAL.
Brooklyn View
Brooklyn NYC
I spent a good amount of time in BK, and it was awesome. I had no idea how big it was!
Rooftop View NYC
Rooftop view from Berry Park
New York City New York City
Yes, it may seem weird that my friends took me to get tacos in NY, but the vibe of this place was awesome (and the tacos were pretty good too!)
New York City
New York city
Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower
DreamDry Blowout
Ended the trip with Soul Cycle, blowouts and a goodbye dinner with the lovely Elizabeth of Bonjour + Hola. Such a great hostess. (All I can say is thank you Alt Summit for introducing me to this señorita. “HOLA!”)

Coming next week, my Mast Brothers exploration with Christy (who is FANTASTIC.)

Alt. Summit: 1 week!

From Rain to Shine Alt Summit.

Fall Flowers

LA Flower Mart
I love flowers, and have been hearing for quite some time how amazing the LA Flower Mart is. Last weekend, I had to check it out for myself, and it did not disappoint. So many gorgeous, interesting flowers everywhere, and at such reasonable prices. Note to self: Get there earlier next time! The mart is open from 6am–2pm (on weekends) and many vendors start to pack up around 12. I was on the hunt to find some fall flowers to make table center pieces for Friendsgiving. [Check it out here + here]
LA Flower Mart Sunflowers
Los Angeles Flower Mart
LA Flower Mart
I came back with quite a haul! Trust me, it is hard to stop yourself.
White Flowers
Wrapped Flowers
LA Flower Mart
Special thanks to Yael Nov for accompanying me and photographing our day at the Flower Mart!

Seaside Getaway

I Love PacNW
Every year, since before I was born, my family has gone to this adorable beach town in the Pacific Northwest called Seaside, Oregon. Seaside is like my second home. It’s comfortable, familiar, and always brings back great memories. This year, I took a few days off of work to go and spend some much needed R+R with my family (and pup!) in my second home. We totally lucked out with the weather, as it is super unpredictable what you will get. It is hard to leave Seaside feeling anything other than happy and at peace. See the snapshots below for a glimpse into this year’s annual trip!
Seaside Oregon
This sign has been up for as long as I can remember!
Seaside Oregon Cove
One of my favorite parts of the beach: The Cove. It is great for finding seashells and looking at some awesome tide pools. (The weekend we went was severely lacking in seashells and tide pools, but there have been years where there is an abundance of both).
Oregon State Park
Definitely got my fix of the fresh, clean air. How could you not when you’re surrounded by the ocean and all these trees!
Seaside Carousel
This carousel is synonymous to Seaside in my mind. Every year, it was tradition that I would take a ride on this carousel. Over the years, I have grown up, but this carousel is exactly as it was when I was a little girl. How can you not love it!?
Seaside Arcade
One of the thrills in “downtown Seaside” is the arcade. Fascination is a game I have never seen anywhere else, and has been a staple of the arcade for years. When my grandmother used to come down to Seaside, it was only a nickel to play! Now, it is 25 cents, with specials at different times of the day. The premise of the game is to roll the red ball and light an entire row. The first player to achieve this wins tickets! (Tickets are used to cash in for a prize at Prize Redemption). It is a fun, fast-paced, and highly addicting game!
Seaside Oregon Prom
There is an awesome walking path along the entire beach called The Promenade. On the other side is the most adorable beach homes I have ever seen. It is family tradition to walk up and down the entire Prom at least once. We passed this adorable wagon in someone’s front yard. Such a cute idea!
Seaside Beach Oregon
We only had one day where it was super foggy and rainy, but it provided many interesting photos. This is one of my favorites that I took. I cannot wait to get back to Seaside, where all troubles seem to melt away. Have any of you ever heard of or been to Seaside, Oregon before?
[Check back next week for the second half of my trip…the 12 hours I had at home in Seattle!]

Succulents: Part 1

Alternative Apparel + succulents
I discovered succulents when I moved to LA and fell in love. Not only are they easy to take care of [I have a hard time keeping any other type of plant alive], they are also so pretty and interesting to look at. Succulents seem to be a staple in a majority of LA gardens, potted plants, or interior decorations. I headed over to Alternative Apparel in Venice, and met up with Allyson, their Social Media Manager. She gave me a tour of the shop, and all of the succulent arrangements throughout the store + store front. They have some pretty cool set ups, so if you are ever on Abbot Kinney, be sure and stop by to check it out! [They also have the most comfy clothes!]
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
What makes so many of these succulent arrangements unique is the interesting containers they are kept in. I know next time I go to the Pasadena Flea Market, I’ll for sure be looking for things like this!
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
So many different variations, each are so interesting!
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Alternative Apparel + Succulents
Once again, a big thanks to Allyson. Check out Alternative Apparel Venice’s Instagram for awesome pictures from around the shop!

Walking Downtown LA: Part 3

The final surprise on Saturday was a trip to the San Antonio Winery, located right past downtown Los Angeles. It is the only winery located in Los Angeles proper, and I had no idea it was there. What an awesome spot! I highly recommend going to this winery for a quick day trip if you don’t feel like driving too far, a girls day or great date spot. Plus, taking the metro eliminates the need to drive! (Win-win for all!) The winery offers a tour of their space, a cafe, restaurant and a tasting bar. They also have several of their own brands of wine that are quite delicious. I am a moscato + reisling fan, and I fell in love with both of theirs.
San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
 The cafe offers wine by the glass, as well as snack plates. We got the cheese platter and it was more than enough for two, and quite filling.
FR2S San Antonio Winery
FR2S San Antonio Winery
I can’t wait to come back to this winery! I also highly recommend the tour of the winery. It’s quick, entertaining and informative.

Walking Downtown LA: Part 2

The second part of my Saturday birthday surprise was a trip to Bottega Louie. Since we were already in downtown, it was only a quick walk away. Visiting this patisserie + market  has been on my LA bucket list for a long time. Walking in to Bottega Louie was like walking into heaven. The floors and counters are a beautiful white and grey marble, and the glass display holds the most beautiful and colorful desserts. You immediately feel transported to Paris or New York. The sights, smells and sounds are overwhelming in the best way possible. Although I am gluten free, I still loved looking at all the desserts. I cannot wait to go back and eat at their restaurant.
FR2S Bottega Louie
FR2S Bottega Louie Macarons
How gorgeous are these colorful macarons!? I’ll take one in every color please!
FR2S Bottega Louie Macaron Box
This box of assorted macarons would be perfect for a hostess gift, or as desserts at your own party.

FR2S Bottega Louie
Adding to the elegance of Bottega Louie is the beautiful packaging they do. They have both branded tissue paper and boxes, very reminiscent of what you may find in Paris. Their pastel colors + gold complement their brightly colored desserts in such a classy way.
FR2S Bottega Louie Desserts
FR2S Bottega Louie Cupcakes
If macarons aren’t your favorite dessert, they have a wide variety of other delicious looking treats. I cannot wait to go back!

Happy Wednesday!

Walking Downtown LA: Part 1

I love celebrating my birthday, and making it last as long as possible. This past weekend, my boyfriend planned my final birthday surprise. He didn’t tell me where we were going, or what we were doing…all I knew was that I needed to be up early Saturday morning, wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring my camera. He promised me I’d get some great shots for the blog (He was right! Ever since starting my blog, it is what I talk about 75% of the time, and he has been so supportive).

Saturday morning, we drove to the Culver City Metro Station and hopped on the Metro train heading to downtown LA. It was my first time taking the Metro in this city, and it was super quick and easy! We had a quick bite to eat at the Farm of Beverly Hills and raced up to our first stop, Pershing Square. Here, he finally told me what surprise one was: a walking tour of downtown LA’s Broadway Street and all the historic theaters! I love looking at vintage architecture while hearing the history of the buildings, so this was a perfect tour. We got to see several theaters that were once the symbol of opulence and glamour in the 1920’s-1940’s. Most of the theaters are too decrepit on the inside to allow anyone to go in, but the few we went into were magnificent. I highly recommend this tour, put on by the Los Angeles Conservancy. They have others as well, if historic theaters aren’t your cup of tea. Here is a glimpse at the awesome things we saw on this tour.
Downtown LA Broadway Street
Downtown LA Theater
Downtown LA Historic Theater
Check out Last Remaining Seats as a fun activity and chance to see these historic theaters. Once a month, they show a classic film in one of the functioning theaters! Pretty cool!
DTLA Los Angeles Theater
Inside the Los Angeles Theater. How beautiful is this, even to this day!
DTLA Palace Theater
As you can see, the Palace Theater is the site of the original Orpheum Theater. The Orpheum has moved several blocks down. You will also notice that there are many store fronts that now occupy the space where the theater was. Many of these shops are quite shallow, and don’t penetrate too far into the theater.
DTLA State Theater
The State Theater has now been converted to a church.
DTLA Sidewalk
DTLA Orpheum Theater
DTLA Orpheum Theater
The Orpheum Theater also takes part in Last Remaining Seats. It is still fully functional inside, and is absolutely stunning. I hope to attend an event here at some point.
DTLA Building
This was a great tour and awesome way to discover a part of Los Angeles I wouldn’t necessarily know about. It seriously felt like we were in another city!

This was only part 1 of my birthday surprise. Check back tomorrow for part 2!

Blogger Meet-Up

Last week, I had the privilege to get coffee with Kristi, the brains behind Kristixoxo. What a sweetheart! She has a great sense of style (and manicures), and it was so great to finally meet and talk about all things blogging, Los Angeles and our interests. Turns out, we like many of the same things! We decided to meet up at Intelligentsia in Venice, as it is one of my favorite spots, and Kristi had never been.

FR2S Intelligentsia

FR2S Kristi xoxo
She was totally rockin’ her white pants (check out her blog, she has such a unique and awesome sense of style!)
FR2S Intelligentsia
Our coffee meet-up was definitely a great way to start summer. Special thanks to Kristi’s boyfriend for some of the photos he took!

Happy Monday!