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Journey of a Dress

This weekend, I visited the Diane von Furstenberg Journey of a Dress exhibit at LACMA. It was…amazing, inspiring, colorful and full of life. If you are in the LA area, it is a MUST see. Check out some of the awesome photos below. The prints were unreal, and the space is absolutely so well done.
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF LACMA Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress
DVF Journey of a Dress

March Calendar Downloads

I love seeing what people create for downloadable desktop calendars. This month, I decided to do a round up of some of my favorite designs. Check them out below, with links to their sites!

March Calendar Download Roundup

1. This fun, floral calendar from Oana Befort.
2. Loving this colorful watercolor/hand-done feel from Evelyn Henson.
3. Sarah Hearts designed this adorable St. Patty’s day inspired calendar.
4. Super into this water color calendar as well, this time in blue hues by Paper Squid.
5. I love the mix of photography with type on this mountain inspired calendar by Paper Leaf.
6. Lovely. Healthy. Whole. designed this adorable spring + St. Patty’s day infused happy calendar.

[Images taken from the various sources listed above.]

Oscar Dress Infographic


big Some of you may have seen this floating around, and I just can’t get over how well done it is. It is a drawing of every dress worn by a Best Actress Academy Award winner. Interesting to see how dresses have evolved. I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVED the show last night, and Ellen may be my new favorite individual.

Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co.

Garance Dore | Rifle Paper Co
I met Garance Doré at Alt. Summit last month after she gave her key note talk. What an inspiring, positive woman who is talented beyond belief. When I found out she was teaming up with Rifle Paper Co. to release her own stationery collection, I was ecstatic. The line was shown March 1 in Paris, and will be available in the states soon! I can’t wait to get my hand on some of her cards. Check out some of my favorites below!
Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
[Top image from Garance Doré]

Font Friday 4.7 / Oscars 2014

The Envelope Please | Oscars 2014
This week, I had the privilege of attending  The 2014 Oscars Winner Envelope preview party hosted by Marc Friedland Couture Communications. In the last few years, the creation of the award envelope has become a work of art, and quite a big deal. Updated in 2011, Marc Friedland has revolutionized the look and feel of the Oscar awards. (Check out this USA Today article here for a more information about the new envelopes/awards.) Attending the event with my good friend Troy of Simply Troy, we got to see a first hand look at the creation of the most famous envelope in preparation for this Sunday’s Oscars!
[This week’s font Friday is dedicated to the award show. Download this font, Born, here]
Oscar Envelope Party
Oscar Envelope Creation
Oscar Envelope Party
Oscar Envelope Party
Three envelopes are made for each nominee in every category. After the winner is announced, all other envelopes are destroyed, other than the one given to the winner. Pretty special!
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Mock-up of what the winning card and envelope look like. The envelope weighs about 1/4 pound and is about 1/8″ thick. It makes quite an impact.
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Preview Party
Delicious desserts, bits and drinks filled the room. (The party was sponsored by Ciroc and Beverly Hills 90H20).
Oscar Envelope Preview Party
Oscar Envelope Preview Party | Marc Friedland
Me with Marc Friedland, the creative genius behind the Oscar envelope, and many other brilliant stationery designs.

Findings on FFFFound #3

Here are some of my latest favorites on
180ba5588655f8958b978b60c8351d6e72083008_m inline-identity-03 3de69a0d24b5e7a6627e6c73dd364e2fd8fd8045_m a1c76ea21ce7e524e6a464598d9534500386dddc_m 4e9284659a880bd0f9bec67ac26b84175c09190f_m 10_13B_evernote_news_1_web_full db8b675f670bbf1b5403f5710218926bfb911024_m Findings on FFFFound | Inspiration | Design
Findings on ffffound | Inspiration
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Un Besito

Check out some Valentine’s Day + smooch inspired pins!
Valentines Day Inspiration | Andy Warhol

5a75e7b765bf6c193822742129c5a437  Valentine's Day | Love and Kisses



Valentine's Day Inspiration

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Colors of Winter

I love living in the perpetual summer that is LA, but every now and then, especially during the holiday season/early new year, I do miss having a little bit of winter. My tumblr and Pinterest overflow with cozy images of tea and snow-filled landscapes, and my parents send me photos of 30 degree Seattle weekends. I had been thinking about doing a winter color palette post, but obviously couldn’t take any snow pictures myself. Enter Christy of Avoiding Atrophy.  Christy is a lifestyle blogger based in New York who I met via Twitter, probably during a blog chat. While checking out her blog, I came across her photos of winter in New York and I knew they would be perfect for my post. She graciously let me use them, and sent a few other options as well. Be sure to check out her blog for other great photos, insights and humorous posts. Thanks, Christy!

Winter Color Palette Winter Color Palette Winter Color Palette Winter Color Palette Winter Color Palette

Design Find

Do you ever come across a design/designer and think “Holy cow, I LOVE their work.” Well, that happened to me last week. I was on Pinterest and came across a really cool state map. I did some digging and found the original source came from this awesome set of designers, These Are Things. Check out their work below, and hop over to their site to see even more.
Washington California State Map
Washington Map
Seattle Neighborhoods
Seattle Neighborhoods
And a close up of LA’s
TAT_LAHood_Close These Are Things
These Are Things Europe
I would love to have this calendar hanging at my desk. Talk about the travel bug!
World Map Calendar

[All photos courtesy of These are Things]

Celebrate Positivity

A few months back, I attended Freutcamp, put on by the lovely Leah of Freutcake. There I met Natalie (of, who spoke about the importance of a positive attitude, optimisim and surrounding yourself by others who inspire you. Well, she mentioned writing down all the good things that happen to you so if you are ever feeling down, you can pull out that list and remember that you are pretty AWESOME. I took it one step further and decided to create a Little Success Jar. Any proud or positive accomplishment that happens, I am going to write it down and put it in the jar. It’s a great way to practice an attitude of gratitude and keep your spirits up! What better time to start this than the beginning of a new year?
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to decorate my mason jar with wash tape and some twine. You can decorate yours with anything! Markers, paint, paper, whatever speaks to you.
Litte Success Jar DIY
1. Start by choosing large container. I wanted mine to be see through so I could see it fill up over time.
2. Decorate with your choice of materials.
3. When you are finished, find a few scraps of paper.
Success Jar DIY
4. Ta-da! SUPER EASY, quick, and a great way to celebrate the little things in life. Let me know if you make one and how you decorate it!
Little Success Jar DIY
I chose to display mine next to my matchbook and wine cork collection. I think it fits in nicely on my side table, don’t you?