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Color My World 1.1

Today’s color combo is inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid,  and one of the secondary colors, Placid Blue. Enjoy!
Color My World
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Color My World 1.0

As a designer, I am constantly inspired by colors. Color can add emotion, and change the meaning of a design. I have decided to start a new weekly series: Color My World, to explore various color palettes and combinations. I love bright colors, and finding interesting or happy mixtures. Hope you enjoy!
From Rain to Shine | Color My World
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From Rain to Shine Turns ONE!

From Rain to Shine
One year ago today, I decided to start a blog. I had no idea really what to do, or what to expect, but after meeting Oh Joy! and reading Blog Inc,, I knew blogging was something I wanted to do. I’m SO glad that I did. I have met and made so many new friends, kept my design skills  f r e s h and been to places I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to. I’m so excited that my little blog turns one today, and can’t wait to see what good things come in this next year. Here’s a look back at some of my favorite + popular posts from this past year. (Click on the image to go to the post!)
From Rain to Shine Turns One!

From Rain to Shine Turns One! From Rain to Shine Turns One!
From Rain to Shine Turns One!
From Rain to Shine Turns One!
From Rain to Shine Turns One!
FR2S-1YrAnniversary-7 From Rain to Shine Turns One!
FR2S-1YrAnniversary-9 FR2S-1YrAnniversary-10 FR2S-1YrAnniversary-11 FR2S-1YrAnniversary-12 FR2S-1YrAnniversary-13 From Rain to Shine Turns One!
Thank you to all who stop by + read my little positive space! I have some exciting things planned over the next few months that I can’t wait to share. Happy Wednesday to all, and thanks for coming on this awesome journey with me!

May Calendar Downloads

A few days in, here are some of my favorite May calendar downloads.
Downloadable Desktop Calendars | May 2014
1. A bold + clean download from Paper Leaf.
2. Watercolor illustration from Free People.
3. Loving the beautiful “May Flowers” from Oana Befort.
4. Clean with pops of color download from Nalle’s House.
5. Hot air balloons + loud colors make for a very happy desktop from Marina Eyl (via Smashing Magazine.)
6. Sarah Hearts never disappoints with her monthly calendars.

[Want to see your calendar in next month’s round up? Submit designs to jessica@fromraintoshine, or send me a tweet (@fromraintoshine) with the link!]

Pattern Play II

Loving all these summery + fruit inspired patterns. Big things in the works, more to come on that! In the mean time, clearly summer is on my mind!
Plant Pattern
Strawberry Pattern
Watermelon Pattern
Orange Pattern
Palm Tree Pattern
Pineapple Pattern
Ice Cream Pattern
Mixed Fruit Pattern
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Office Inspiration

As a designer, I am always am looking for new ways to change up my workspace and make it more inspiring. Since I spend so much time in front of the computer, it need to feel calm, yet motivated, when I am in my element. Here are some office/desk spaces I’ve been loving recently. Nothing like white walls and interesting furniture with pops of color to keep me inspired!
Office Space Inspiration

Office Space Inspriation Office Space Inspiration

Home Office Inspiration
Home Office Space Inspiration Office Space Inspiration
Home Office Inspiration
Home office inspiration

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April Calendar Downloads

A round up of some of my favorite and best designed April calendar downloads! Enjoy!
April Calendar Downloads
1. This sketched ram illustration from Free People blog.
2. Loving these fun + playful bows (available in two colors) from Nicole’s Classes.
3. The blues and greens make a lovely geometric shaped calendar from Fete Studio.
4. This blooming flowered calendar from Going Home to Roost will brighten any desktop.
5. Sarah Hearts plays up the “April showers bring May flowers” with this illustrated download.
6. Another April showers inspired download from Red Stamp.

[Images taken from the various sources listed above.]

Pattern Play

I’ve been loving patterns lately. Here’s a round up of some of my favorites.
Pattern Play
Pattern Play | Sail Boats
Pattern Play | Boxes
Pattern Play | Feathers
Pattern Play | Chevron
Pattern Play | Scallops
Pattern Play | Drops
Pattern Play
Pattern Play | Trees
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Chalk Lettering

I have always admired the gorgeous works of chalk lettering done by very talented designers and artists. Here are a few of my favorite below.Chalk Art
Chalk Art
Chalk Art
Chalk Art Quote
Chalk Art
Chalk Art

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Pantone, Reimagined

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I love Pantone, and finding matches with every day objects (see this post here.) David Schwen is a designer and illustrator who has taken this Pantone matching to another level. I love how he pairs two items that are commonly found together, and lays them out on renamed Pantone chips. Check out some of my favorites below, and his website for the full collection.
03_peanutbutterjelly_900    06_milkcookies_900 08_macaronicheese_900 13_cakeicecream_900

David Schwen | From Rain to Shine

[All photos from David Schwen]