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Font Friday 6.1

After a temporary hiatus, Font Friday is back in full swing. Today’s font is inspired by cowboys, wild west signage and mostly, Frontierland at Disneyland. Enjoy!
Free Typeface
Corki is a slim slab font that has southern charm and flair. The font comes in both upper + lower case, with four different weights/types. It also contains numerous glyphs that make for fun designs or posters. Enjoy, and don’t forget to read the licensing before using.

Backyard S’mores Bar

Backyard S'mores Bar
As we near the end of August [and summer], I decided to gather some friends for a summer send off  reminicent of one of my favorite childhood memories: S’MORES. I’m sure many of you also grew up going to the beach and making these delicious summer sandwiches, but for this party, I wanted to do it sans-sand, and throw a twist on the traditional method. Enter, S’mores Galore S’mores Bar.

Backyard Smores Bar
I wanted to set the mood for this party as being bright, happy and full of color. Tiny Prints has SO MANY different stationery options that made customizing this party a total breeze. I selected this geometric printed invitation that became the theme for the rest of the party. Not only was it simple to design and customize for my party, Tiny Prints is so easy + wonderful to work with.
Backyard Smores Bar
Since I chose to set up s’mores in a yard rather than the beach, we stayed cleaner, and ate s’mores without the added crunch of sand. I wanted my guests to be comfortable, relaxed and in close range to the food. I set up a short table, colorful blankets and pillows in a semi-circle. I don’t have a fire pit, so I used a mini-BBQ to roast the marshmallows. It worked perfectly, and fit right in to where we were sitting. It is an awesome option to bring your s’mores to your backyard if you don’t have a built in fire pit in your yard, or don’t feel like building a camp fire. Instant “glamping.”
Backyard S'mores Bar
Backyard S'mores Bar
Backyard S'mores Bar
These pillows were awesome to have. Tiny Prints just started selling customizable pillows that not only make excellent seat padding, they are also oh so cute! Even better, the outside cover comes off and is easily washable. I was concerned that chocolate/grass/dirt could ruin the pillow, but the removable cover makes cleaning a non-issue. They now offer a wide range of colors, designs and customization options to fit any party, decor or gifting need.
Backyard S'mores Bar

For this party, the traditional honey graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars were not going to be enough. I decided to take that idea, and add tons of customization options (because who doesn’t love a full range of chocolate or toppings?). I had milk, dark and white chocolate, chocolate + peanut butter, chocolate + caramel, chocolate + mint, just to name a few. Want to elevate your s’mores game? Use cookies. Thank me later, you’re never going to eat s’mores the same way again.
from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore9 from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore6 Backyard Smores Bar
Here is a full list of all the s’mores options and toppings I had.

Outside/Shell of S’more:
• Honey Graham Crackers
• Chocolate Graham Crackers
• Ritz Crackers
• Gluten Free Cookies

Plain, simple, original marshmallows

• Milk Chocolate Bars
• Dark Chocolate Bars
• Cookies n’ Cream White Chocolate Bars
• Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
• Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate + Caramel Bars
• Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate + Mint Bars

• Peanut Butter
• Caramel Sauce
• Strawberries

Backyard S'mores Bar
No pit, no problem. Using a mini-BBQ was easy to light, clean and move. I know what I will be doing next time I need some s’mores.
Backyard S'mores Bar
from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore18 from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore19
Backyard Smores Bar
from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore25 Backyard Smores Bar
from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore26 Backyard S'mores Bar
from-rain-to-shine-smores-galore29 Backyard S'mores Bar
Y U M.

Next to the s’mores bar, I had the drink station. I offered, water, juice and sangria. Instead of using overly sweet Moscato for the wine, I opted for Chardonnay, and added more tart fruit to offset the sweetness of the s’mores goodness. Big hit!
Backyard S'mores Bar
Backyard S'mores Bar Backyard S'mores Bar
To label each drink cup, I used Tiny Prints return address labels, but left them blank while ordering. They became perfect labels for everyones drink’s and their goodie bags.
Backyard S'mores Bar

I thought it would be fun to have everyone write down their s’mores creations. People came up with some amazing ideas. Tiny Prints personalized stationery cards were the perfect size, and come in so many customizable options. I selected these cards, and made some customizations to totally fit the colorful, geometric theme I had. Check back tomorrow to see some of the delicious s’mores recipes we came up with!
Backyard Smores Bar
Backyard S'mores Bar
Since I knew there would be left overs, everyone got a bag and made some s’mores to go!
Backyard S'mores Bar
Backyard Smores Bar
Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the mind-glowingly delicious recipes!
Backyard Smores Bar

All photos by Sam Zachrich

[This post was generously sponsored by Tiny Prints, however, all ideas, opinions and concepts are my own. Thank you Tiny Prints!]

Color My World 2.2

I couldn’t pick just one vintage Disney poster to create a color palette for, so for today’s Color My World series, you get three! Enjoy!
Vintage Disneyland Posters
Vintage Disneyland Posters

Vintage Disneyland Posters


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Color My World 2.1

Color Inspiration

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Room Inspiration

I have been L O V I N G blue and coral hues lately, and decided it was time for a room update. It is a work in progress, inspired some what by the beach, water colors and this Starbucks packaging:
I love the blues, soft brush stroke, and hint of a accent color. I started off my room with a grey and white comforter from IKEA and let the rest take shape. Check out my inspiration below. I’m still trying to decide what to put on my walls. What do you think, any suggestions?
Room interior design
I’m obsessed with this color palette. I recently went to Home Depot to grab some of their paint swatches just to see what I could make with them.
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Color My World 2.0

Color My World

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Color My World 1.9

Color My World

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Featuring: Bliss & Bone

Bliss & Bone
A few months ago at The Cream event, I was fortunate enough to meet Carl + Cindy, the creative masterminds behind the unique and beautiful stationery and design agency, Bliss & Bone. Being a huge stationery fanatic (and having worked in the custom stationery industry) I was immediately drawn to their booth by their design aesthetic and individuality. They harmoniously combine the raw with the etherial, the rugged with the refined and the avant-garde with the eternal, and I have never seen anything like it. I can’t get enough of their innovative and fresh ideas, and was lucky enough to ask Cindy some questions behind her + Bliss & Bone’s creative intelligence.
1.Where does the name Bliss & Bone come from?
Bliss is the emotion. It is pure elation and joy. It represents the feminine.
Bone is the tangible. It is strength and commitment. It represents the masculine.
Bliss & Bone
2.How do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from everything around me and pay close attention to trends in fashion, art and interiors.
3.When starting a new project, what is your creative process?
I typically start with an inspiration board whether we are working on wedding invitations or a website. It really helps to set the tone and communicate a starting point to the client. It’s a great conversation starter to get us headed in the right direction.

From there the process varies slightly depending on the product but I dive head first into design and go back and forth with rounds until everyone is thrilled.
Bliss & Bone
4.What is the most unique invitation that you have created/your most favorite?
That’s a tough one. I try to make each invitation unique and approach each project with the question, what can I do differently this time?

My favorite is typically the most recent project since it’s where my heads at in the moment. Once I move on, I try to create work that is just as exciting as the last.

5.How do you/Bliss & Bone stay organized?
We are constantly working on this and finding ways to improve as we grow. Internally we have a lot of systems and processes in place and utilize items like dry erase boards with schedules, projects status and progress. Individually we all use a project management program called Asana that allows us to track our personal tasks and manage work flow.

It’s a work in progress and fortunately I have a really good memory when it comes to this stuff :)
Bliss & Bone
6.What is your motto, or how do you stay calm + positive under stress?
Great questions since I’m not sure I have one. Personally, I stay calm and positive as long as I’m organized. I like to talk about the next day, what is on everyone’s to do list, and how it’s going to get done. If I feel that everything is in its place then I can relax.
Bliss & Bone
Special thanks to Cindy for taking the time to answer these questions. Photos via Bliss & Bone and here.

Color My World 1.8

Pantone Color My World Monday Morningg
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